Qomon product updates ✨ February 2020

At Qomon, we love “Feb” ❤️, probably because we never give up on our #1New Year’s Resolution: keep improving our app and platform. You will find below the details of what has been improved and updated during the month of February.

Charles Keignart
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Qomon product updates ✨ February 2020

What’s new on the web platform?

• Multiple streets on an action?

Before, you could only select a street when creating an action.
Now you can also create a canvassing, handout-mail and call action on several streets.

canvassing action Qomon platform
Choose canvassing as the action you want to carry out
canvassing action Qomon platform streets
This is how to pick up two streets or more for canvassing

• More datas?

Would you like to see where the highest rate of “Undecided” contacts in every area?
It is possible now ! From the map by selecting the Status data.

Depending on your region, new data has been added:

Households and Families :

Lone Parents
Number of children
Household situation

Equipment and social services :
Child Welfare
Children with disabilities
Adults with disabilities
Centres for adults and families in difficulty

• Communication center?

A new tab has appeared on your Qomon space with new features.

The communication center allows you to manage your text message sending functionality, to access key figures on your exchanges with your contact base, but also to write your automatic emails (which was in the organisation settings until now!) and to consult their statistics.

• Safety first?

We have enhanced the security level of your access to your Qomon platform.
We therefore invite you to update your password according to the new criteria:

• 8 characters minimum
• 1 capital letter minimum
• 1 digit minimum

What’s new on the mobile app?

? Good to know: Remember to update your mobile app and refresh your store (AppStore or Google Play) to get the best out of Qomon’s latest features.

• Address, Building, street marked as “done”

Canvassing action has improved!

You can now define an address as finished with a simple gesture! Simply slide your finger from right to left on the line of a street, house number, building, floor or door number.

All the contacts in the address declared as “finished” will then no longer appear in the list of people to meet.

• The boxing action is evolving?

From the mobile application, you can now select the addresses you are currently boxing and report them as you go.
This action becomes a real roadmap for the volunteers and at the same time allows HQ to follow the progress of the action.

• Larger text field?

That was one of your comebacks. So we’ve enlarged the free text field!
More precision, more readability, more simplicity to stay focused on the action! Did this answer your question?

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