Qomon Product Updates ✨ May 2021

Hello everyone, We’re glad to have you back! So what’s new on Qomon? Check out the updates & news from April and May.

Hendrik Giesecke
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Qomon Product Updates ✨ May 2021

The web platform

• Import your files autonomously

From the contact people tab, administrators can now import their own CSV files into their space.

Learn more about importing

Find import features in the people tab and advanced settings (you have to be an administrator).

import files qomon platform web

• Remove duplicates from your data

A duplicate manager feature is available on your people tab.

You can now do a big cleaning among your contacts.

Learn more about duplicate management

duplicate management data qomon platform web mobilisation

• Advanced search

You can now benefit from advanced search for an in-depth search and targeting in your database.

Learn more about advanced searches

advanced search filter qomon platform web mobilisation

• XXL text messages

No more limits for your text messages! You can now send text messages in XXL format with more than 160 characters per send.

Learn more about sending SMS

• New data layout!

We reorganised data for better understanding and clarity, so don’t hesitate to check the data of your country in your mapping tab.

The mobile app

• Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

A new feature is available in the survey tab. You can give your members the possibility to take a picture synced back with the admin panel.

• Share materials with your team

You can now share material (PDF, image, video etc..) on a dedicated tab. Give your teams real time access to leaflets, flyers, videos…

Learn more about sharing materials

share material documents qomon mobile app platform web

New APIs

Connect Qomon to 3000+ other systems with Zapier

Zapier is a software that allows you to connect more than 6000 tools with Qomon, helping you to move info between Qomon and your apps automatically.

Discover the possibilities on the Zapier website

integration qomon zapier mobile app web platform mobilisation updates

Did you enjoy the new features? We would love to hear your feedback, you inspire us.

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