“A real swiss army knife” - Will
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The perfect tool for your campaign

Use the Qomon platform and mobile app to run an action focused, bottom-up, data driven campaign in the field.

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Campaigns & Advocacy

Field centric. Data Driven

Run an efficient campaign with limited resources and where each interaction is a meaningful one. Analyze your voters and territory with the millions of Datapoints* available through Qomon. Run a campaign that meets people where they are: in real life. 

Mobilizing your Voters

Contact your voters with the right message at the right time turning them into your supporters. Turn any volunteer into an active member of your campaign, equipped with all the material, talking points, actions to spread the word. 

Nurture connections 

A campaign is won step by step, meeting after meeting. Centralize all your communications from different sources and task your team with follow-ups. Target your communications based on a specific type of voter, level of support, location or any other variable and organize your GOTV effort. 

How to use Qomon for your political campaign?

1. Run and hit the ground running

Communicate & take action directly with your teams through the Qomon app, organize internal competitions, phone-banking, canvassing effort, share material and follow your progress.

2. Centralize all interactions

Centralize all interactions you have with your voters in a single database.
Start with a voter file or just build your own. Have all your interactions sync immediately without needing to constantly import or export contacts to different platforms.

3. Communicate & Organize GOTV

Send targeted communications to your supporters with a few simple clicks. Create automated paths to ensure that no interaction is left unanswered and to mobilize your supporters ahead of voting day. Organize your crucial GOTV operations with the help of a robust system, build for teams.

4. Analyze and assess

Analyze in real time the progress of your campaign on a street-by-street basis, see who is participating in your actions, and examine your overall campaign results.

5. Identify your priority zones*

Use our territorial analysis feature, Insights©, to easily target high-priority areas to send your team.

*Available in selected countries

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