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The Citizen Relationship Manager

With Qomon’s CRM you are able to centralize all your contacts, supporters, donors, and voters info into one single location where your team can analyze, collaborate and take action. 

Grow your contact database organically

Contact Database
Organize your Data
Email and SMS
Connect your inbox
Online Forms
Interactions & tasks
Contact Database
Organize your Data
Email and SMS
Connect your inbox
Online Forms
Interactions & tasks

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Protect your data by enabling 2FA authentification

Collaborative management

Assign roles & access to each person. Work collaboratively by sharing emails, assigning tasks and manage sensitive information.

Privacy Laws compliancy

Find the history, origin and date of consent and how it was given (email, form, mobile). Activate the double opt-in email or SMS option, mark contacts as "Do not contact".

Custom fields

Add custom fields to the contact card and rename field names to fit with your unique campaign.

Contact History

Retrieve all action, edits and communication history with a contact.

Notes & private notes

Add notes to your contacts. Restrict access to certain notes to administrators only.


Assign tasks from the web platform or on the mobile app while in the field. Follow-up on feedback and track engagement with your contacts all in one place.

Contact Geolocation & Turf cutting

See where your contacts are located on a dynamic map. Turf areas on the map to perform geographically targeted actions or communication.

Bulk emails

Send fully customizable bulk emails directly from Qomon. Track your progress with reports on how your email campaign is doing.

Automatic emails & SMS

Set up automatic emails and/or SMS to trigger directly after a meeting, a specific survey response, or if a when form is filled.

Duplicate management

Manage duplicates easily and keep your data set clean (when importing a file, via automatic detection or manual merging).

Advanced Filters

Search and filter your contacts based on a variety of datapoints (last name, first name, address, phone number, age, tags, level of support, geographical area, survey response, date of last contact, etc.) with inclusive/exclusive (or/and) and cumulative filters

Export for mailing

Create a special export for mailing with automatic household grouping and marital status management to help you send targeted mail/letters.

Import & export

Import your contacts in XLS or CSV format. Export your contacts by choosing the columns to export in .csv / .xls or pdf format.

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