Why movements choose Qomon

Increased engagement (VMS)

Increased engagement

Volunteers access training, join teams, track progress via Qomon's mobile app. Peer-to-peer feature allows sending pre-written messages to network about your movement or actions. Grow organically!

Volunteers at the center (VMS)

Volunteers at the center

Qomon puts volunteers at the core, recognizing their efforts for the greater good. With our mobile app, volunteers can easily join, indicate availability, and access event details, optimizing impact through streamlined management.

Centralized communication (VMS)

Centralized communication

Qomon's mobile app and push notifications keep volunteers updated on actions, messages, and announcements, fostering connection and ensuring everyone stays involved, creating a strong sense of community and collaboration.

"Qomon's user-friendly interface, innovative features, and collaborative tools are a beneficial tool for GND Rising in their goal of facilitating a dynamic and engaged community."
Ellen Lees, Green New Deal Rising

Key Features for Managing Volunteers

Role Management
Mobile App
Push Notifications
Peer-2-peer Messaging
Role Management
Mobile App
Push Notifications
Peer-2-peer Messaging

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How Green New Deal Rising Manages their Volunteers

How Green New Deal Rising Manages their Volunteers

At the heart of Green New Deal (GND) Rising's success lies its ability to mobilize a diverse and passionate group of volunteers. The movement employs several strategies to attract and engage individuals who share a commitment to building a sustainable future.

The most "Qomon" questions

What is Qomon and how can it help with volunteer management?

Qomon is a powerful CRM and organizing platform designed for nonprofits. It helps manage volunteers by organizing volunteer information and availability, tracking their progress, creating actions and events, and enhancing communication, ensuring that you can efficiently manage and engage your volunteer base.

Is the mobile app accessible for all of my volunteers?

Yes, at Qomon we have a mobile app that has an accessibility mode for visually impaired people. An easy-to-use app interface also ensures people of all varying tech abilities can understand and use Qomon.

How do I add volunteers to Qomon?

Adding volunteers to Qomon is simple. You can add as many members as you want! They will receive an invitation to their email or through a code, where they can create an account on the platform or mobile app. Then, they can join different teams and get assigned a role depending on the permissions they are given by your admin.

How do I get started with Qomon to manage my volunteers?

Getting started with Qomon is easy. Book a demo with one of our experts or sign up for an account directly. We’ll guide you through setting up Qomon for your organization, importing contacts, and customizing the platform to fit your needs. You can also access our online resources to help you make the most of Qomon’s features.

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