Why organizers choose Qomon

A Powerful Mobile App (Phone-Banking)

A Powerful Mobile App

Your mobile HQ! All the resources your teams need to connect with their communities: calling scripts, push notifications, actions and more. With features like real-time updates, members are always informed and equipped to act effectively​​.

Manage Your Phoning Efforts (Phone-Banking)

Manage Your Phoning Efforts

Import and clean your contact lists to prevent duplicate data. Create scripts and talking points, they are easily accessible to volunteers during calls. Track calling outcomes with real-time monitoring. Discover the power of well-coordinated and impactful phone-banking!

Geolocalized Contacts (Phone-Banking)

Geolocalized Contacts

Visualize the locations of contacts on a dynamic map and target specific geographic areas for calling. Turf areas on the map and execute localized phone banking more effectively. Use your resources in the most efficient ways!

“Phone banking is our biggest operation with almost 600 volunteers using the mobile app to make calls on a daily basis. They have carried out more than 97.000 calls so far.”
Political Party - Portugal

Key Features to Carry your Phone Operations

Phone Banking
Push Notifications
Dynamic Mapping
Custom Surveys
Phone Banking
Push Notifications
Dynamic Mapping
Custom Surveys

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Organizing the biggest political volunteering operation in the country

Organizing the biggest political volunteering operation in the country

Discover how Qomon was used to carry massive phoning and political volunteering operations before the 2022 Portuguese legislative election.

The most "Qomon" questions

How can Qomon's software improve my outreach efforts?

Our software enhances outreach by providing tools for creating personalized call scripts, real-time call tracking and analytics, and an integration with our CRM. Eery conversation is a success, you can collect data from your calls, plan the next touchpoint, leading to higher engagement.

Is the mobile app accessible for all of my volunteers?

Yes, at Qomon we have a mobile app that has an accessibility mode for visually impaired people. An easy-to-use app interface also ensures people of all varying tech abilities can understand and use Qomon.

How secure is the data stored in Qomon?

At Qomon, we are committed to protecting your data and helping you stay in compliance with legal obligations and local privacy laws.This includes the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the UK GDPR, and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), amongst various others.

Can we conduct surveys or collect data during calls?

Yes, you can (and should!) conduct surveys and collect data during calls. Our software allows you to input responses directly into the system, ensuring accurate data collection and efficient analysis.

Can I customize the calling scripts?

Yes, you can fully customize calling scripts to suit your organization’s specific needs. Tailor your message to resonate with your audience, ensuring consistent and effective communication across your team.

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