Experience Qomon and NationBuilder Together

"We collect surveys on the ground using Qomon's app and they get synched over to NationBuilder, along with all contact information. Absolute game changer!" -
Jessica H.

Integrate Qomon and NationBuilder in one click

Keeping track of relationships is key in order to create trust and build your movement. That’s why we’ve made it easy to join your online and on-the-field efforts and centralize your actions in a synchronized database.
Use NationBuilder and Qomon together today to do more:

Enjoy a 360° digital ecosystem today, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with your team/supporters nor lose any important information. This is what being ahead of the game looks like!

The Grassroots App that easily integrates with your Nation.

Our one-click integration works for
any and all use cases

Use case #1: Your 360 digital ecosystem

Benefit from the interoperation between NationBuilder and Qomon today.

Communicate and manage your website through NationBuilder while supporting your volunteers on the field and creating an impressive action strategy through Qomon’s mobile app and Insights© feature*.

*Insights feature:
Availability in selected countries.

Use case #2: A decentralized organization

With Qomon, send and consolidate any amount of data you choose from your NationBuilder account to local Qomon spaces. This allows you to have a decentralized approach while centralizing all data collected on the field with our mobile app.

Every single modification on a contact, including level of support or new tags will be automatically synchronized both ways: from NationBuilder to Qomon, and from Qomon to NationBuilder.