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What is the benefit of paying annually or for 2 years rather than paying on a monthly basis?
  • You save 25% by paying annually (about 3 months free)
  • You save 35% by paying for 2 years (about 6 months free)

And the price of your subscription is therefore frozen for this period, but you can still benefit from the new features added during this time.

Is enterprise plan only designed for private companies?

No, you don't need to be a private company to enjoy the enterprise plan. Enterprise plan is designed for every large organization which has specific needs in terms of integration, white-branding or training.

Can I create online petitions with Qomon?

Yes, Qomon is an online petition site that runs together with CRM tools to stay connected with supporters directly. It’s in Qomon’s DNA to offer tools for on-the-field work so you’ll be able to digitally organize in addition to, and around, your petition. You will soon be able to manage your petitions going door-to-door or in the field from our mobile app!

Can I do door-to-door without a voter file or an address file?

Yes, you can with Qomon door-knocking app. We have an innovative system that allows you to create roadmaps and walklists even with no address or voter files. Just keep in mind that it is less precise and targeted, plus it demands more work for your volunteer team on the files that getting an address, contact or electoral files.

What about the planet?

Our servers are carbon neutral, meaning that the emissions are offset by our service provider.

What does-it mean to be a B-corp company?

Qomon is indeed a B-corp company. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency. Also part of our B-corp commitment, we have an annual giveback program at Qomon, check it out.

Can we send SMS and how much does it cost?

This depends on the country you are sending to.  Contact our Support team to get a clear view on SMS pricing.

Is a petition platform free?

The price of the petition platform varies. There are tools that charge according to the number of supporters or the number of petitions. At Qomon, it starts at 39€ per month (with tools for managing contacts and supporters). Be careful with confidentiality and security of your data in free platforms and softwares, as the saying goes: “When it’s free, you are the product”.

Is a door-to-door app free?

The price of a door-knocking app will vary depending on the number of contacts in your file - contact our team to obtain a price quote for you. You may be tempted to avail of free apps instead of fee-paying versions. However, be careful to check the confidentiality and security of your data before using a free app - data ownership and privacy is not guaranteed, and support teams may not be available to you when using apps of this nature. And don't forget: as the saying goes: “If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.”

Can Qomon connect with apps that I am already using?

Yes, you can connect Qomon with over 5,000 apps to build your own infrastructure and synchronize your existing systems. Connect your website, newsletter software, donation processing system and more. Choose to create efficient workflows to automate your day-to-day operations and rapidly increase your impact.

How can I integrate a political campaign management software in my strategy?

Your election strategy should be defined by data and how to cover your territory and reach voters. Most political campaign management softwares (such as Qomon) offer you a mapping of polling stations, access to open data, as well as tools for targeting the electorate in order to optimize its actions. With the data available, you should decide what is best for your political strategy, make decisions for your GOTV actions, for election day and even for the period between two electoral rounds (if it is the case of your country).

Do volunteers have access to the mobile app?

Of course! The Qomon mobile app is built for the volunteers and available on IOS & Android smartphones. Once they have downloaded the app, you can invite them to join your organization's space through an email or an invitation code. After joining your space, they can:

- Add contacts to your CRM / voter system on the field

- Participate in digital organizing actions (door-to-door, GOTV actions, peer-to-peer, calling lists, sharing, etc.)

- Join a team

- Collect people or voter' opinions with the survey created on the platform

- Access all the material to mobilize around them (Peer-to-peer)

How does Qomon differ from other online petition sites?

Qomon is not just an online petition site!

Qomon is a digital organizing platform for those shaping the future. It is therefore a more complete tool that offers features to manage your supporters (C-ARM), coordinate your teams for digital organizing actions and analyze your impact (Analysis). By integrating Qomon's contact database tools, petition supporters are directly accessible for you to contact; send sms, emails or call them to invite them to carry out other actions concerning your cause. A petition is not an end in itself but rather the beginning of a series of actions to bring your ideas to life.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the plan you pick and the size of your contacts database. But we have a plan for every phase of our action. Pricing is designed on a pay-as-you grow principle and thanks to our adds-on sytem you pay for what you really need.

How to build a movement?

To structure a movement you'll need to have a vision, a strategy that fits your human capital, logistics and data. At Qomon, we can help you with the last two elements, by allowing you to centralize your data with a software and by bringing you the structure; the digital tools to increase the impact of your movement at a local level.

What is a door-to-door app?

A door-to-door app allows you to optimize door-knocking operations, to make them more efficient, more targeted and more simplistic. Apps of this kind allow you to manage "come back later" responses and to create an efficient follow-up system. You can also use these apps to map out neighborhoods and organize teams to engage in door-knocking actions in a streamlined way. Door-to-door apps can be downloaded to your phone from smartphone stores such as IOS and Android.

Is a political campaign software free? If not, what is the price?

Don't forget the old saying “If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.” In the case of Qomon, it's a paying subscription. It depends on the offer, the features and the size of your database: take a look.

Does our organization need to be a specific size to use a community organizing software?

Whether you are a small or large organization, a national or local party, good community organizing software helps you to reach people you would otherwise have no means of reaching. It also shapes your action and motivates your community, which have access to all the information they need in order for them to act in real time.

What are the benefits of using a door-to-door app or software?

With the use of a door-to-door app or software, your volunteers can save time while engaging even more citizens. The mobile app also allows you to properly supervise each field action, thereby allowing you to consult both the roadmap / walk list on your mobile phone and all the documents necessary for the progression of your teams or volunteers' activity. Additionally, the collection of information from the field via a mobile app is fluid and instantaneous, meaning that with just a few clicks, you can access all the data collected by your volunteers  or team right away and immediately begin assessing this information on your command center.

What is an election strategy software?

Election campaign strategy software is a data-driven digital platform that enhances election targeting during a political campaign. This type of tool helps political movements, parties and candidates to:

- Define areas of priority for action. This is achieved through cross-referencing a multitude of electoral, socio-economic and lifestyle data (such as average income rates, distance to services, numbers per household)

- Define areas in which to advertise on the ground or online (it should be noted that this will depend on the rules in place in the country in question)

- Organize volunteers and activists in these priority areas: this can be done by creating field actions (door-to-door, boxing...) in the areas you have identified as being high priority for targeting, thereby allowing you to monitor and control your strategy

- Use your own data to develop and fulfill your strategy: through the profiles feature, electoral campaign software can analyze the data collected by your volunteers and activists. This analysis can then be used to give greater definition to the individual profiles of each supporter, donor, volunteer, etc.

- Leverage location recommendation algorithms to explore new areas for future action (polling stations, statistical areas, etc.) based on the new profiles analyzed

Are the prices shown inclusive of all taxes?

You will be responsible for paying, withholding, filing, and reporting all taxes, duties, and other governmental assessments associated with your subscription with us. Payment of your subscription is not chargeable to any value added tax or  sales tax or duty or other similar tax. 

How can I use a political CRM for a campaign?

Here are some top tips for using your political CRM during an election campaign:

- Preload and de-duplicate your voter file

- Make targeted communications based on territory, tags or level of support from voters on all communication channels

- Comply with the privacy laws in your country or EU data protection regulation, also known as GDPR

- Launch online questionnaires and forms

- Add any new contacts obtained during your in the field meetings with citizens/voters

- Progressively increase the frequency of your communications until voting day

- Engage in GOTV campaigns to reduce abstention ahead of D-Day

- Do not neglect any channel, especially direct mail and phoning

Is Qomon recruiting?

Often yes :) You can check career opportunities here:

What impact can a petition have on my NGO, movement or as an elected official?

A petition allows you to: 

  • Mobilize and attract more support: by sharing a petition, you solicit the support of your community but also of a new audience in line with your struggles. You collect new useful contacts to help continue your advocacy work. 
  • Share your views: the number of signatures helps measure how popular these issues are. A successful petition is a validation of your ideas and the confidence people have in your cause or fight. Test your strategy by using our petitions and evaluate its success. 
  • Make a difference: a successful petition is an excellent way to influence public power, elected officials or decision makers within an organization, carrying the voice of a collective around your ideas. 
  • A first step: a petition is the first step towards other forms of advocacy and campaigning that will allow you to advance your fight and your ideas.
How to choose the right political campaign software?

When choosing, you have to take into consideration several factors:

- How well the solution fits the culture of your campaign or mandate

- How simple it is to use- for this, you must keep in mind your volunteers and everyone in your team

- Its rating on comparison platforms such as Capterra and the stores (Apple Store and Google Play).

As a bonus, pay attention to the support team, since you have to make sure that they will be there for you through the entire process. It is also worth considering how secure your data is (GDPR compliance or privacy laws of your country). Keep in mind that the objective of a good political campaign software is to make things easier for you, saving you time and efforts to unleash your full potential.

Why use a political CRM instead of a traditional CRM?

The use of a political CRM rather than a traditional CRM ensures that you are always complying with the strict EU laws surrounding GDPR or in general with privacy laws all over the world. It also creates greater ease in managing the voter file and in making a specific deduplication of files that do not include email addresses or phone numbers. Along with this, political CRMs allow you to manage a large volume of data at a reduced cost, geo-locate your voter and activist contacts on a map to better organize actions / communication and, in the case of Qomon, provide your teams with a mobile app to organize their efforts while engaging in GOTV, phone-banking, door-knocking and any other form of field action.

How to create an effective door-to-door action?

The objective of any effective door-to-door action must be to meet with as many citizens or people as possible and to collect as much contact information as you can. Begin by introducing yourself and explaining why you are coming, then ask a series of short questions before providing high-value information related to your cause, organization, movement or campaign. Always adapt your arguments to the person in front of you and be transparent about what you expect from the meeting. An effective door-to-door meeting should be short and you should always leave a physical document behind after your visit. In the absence of the citizen, leaving a physical document outlining your points is crucial. Alternatively, you can follow up the visit with an email or a phone call. Don't forget to target the priority areas at the beginning of the door-knocking visit, as it won't be possible to cover the entire territory in one field action.

Why use a platform to launch online petitions?

A good tool will highlight the seriousness of your cause, improve its organization and facilitate administrators’ work. With Qomon you can: 

  • Personalize your petitions with your organization’s image
  • Have your petitions signed online or in the field with our mobile app (coming soon)
  • Find all your petitions in one place, sort them by category and track signatures over time
  • Qualify petition supporters within your Qomon CRM and keep in touch with them (send SMS and emails)
  • Share and integrate your petitions in one click, we provide everything you need
  • Own data related to your petitions and be compliant with GDPR. 
  • Prevent fraud, fake emails and mass signups.

What is the engagement period?

We offer monthly, annually or multiple years engagment period. And your engagement is rewarded at Qomon!
=> - 25% for an annual subscription
=> - 35% for multiple years

Renewal of your subscription is automatic. You can cancel your subscription from your platform. The subscription will then end on the anniversary date.

Do you have a trial period or test access to try it on our own?

Yes, sales team can activate a trial period of 7 days. You just need to book a demo with our team to see if we match your use case: Contact us

Does a grassroots organizing platform include a mobile app dedicated to my community, members, activists or supporters?

Not always but to better mobilize in-the-field and have immediate feedback from your volunteers, you should work with a mobile app. In the case of Qomon, along with the platform, there is an IOS & Android mobile app for your community.

What is mapping software for politics and nonprofit?

Mapping software is a platform that allows you to visualize data in map-form, and potentially even interact with it. Its business software can be tailored to suit a particular sector or a particular set of needs. Territorial intelligence tools such as Qomon allow you to focus more specifically on data and organizations that connect with citizens. In this particular sector (political, associative, consultation...), mapping software allows you to:

- Visualize numerical data in cartographic form: public data exists, but it is difficult to interpret and act upon. Mapping software allows you to centralize different types of data in "Open Data." You can then display the most relevant information related to the organizations in connection with the citizens you are hoping to target, and at the scale that is most relevant for you (for example a polling station, a statistical sector, a district...). This is called "Data Visualization".

- Visualize your contacts and actions on a map: a platform like Qomon allows you to geolocalize your contacts, your volunteers and your field actions at the finest scale in order to better organize your action

- Finally, mapping software allows you to designate and design your own geographical areas of interest, and accordingly add different data filters that reflect your own data collection needs

Is phoning an effective method of gaining support for my organization?

Yes, phoning is an extremely effective way to gain support- for example, a person is 250 times more likely to start a conversation with you over the phone than they are after receiving an email!  Phoning is an excellent way to recruit volunteers and to invite people to an event, meeting or action. It's also a great way to recruit donors, supporters, petition signers, to run GOTV actions, and so much more! Phoning systems / platforms for NGOs or political movement are thus a great way to increase your impact.

How much does a CRM cost for an organization?

The cost of a CRM for an organization or an NGO depends. The CRM tool can be free, free for a certain period, or paid. The cost of a CRM depends either on the number of contacts registered in the database, or on the number and type of features offered by the CRM. A paid CRM for an organization or NGO works in the form of subscriptions or licenses. A free CRM often has limited functionality and the cost of it will be the lack of protection for your data. So, be careful.

How can I contact the DPO (Data Protection Officer)?

You can contact our DPO here:

Can I upload my files? Which format do you need?

Yes, you have an import feature that supports your csv and xls files. Depending on your subscription, you even have a duplicate manager! And for larger imports (over 150,000 contacts), our team can handle it for you.

Why equip your volunteers with a phone-banking software?

Phone-banking is a process where volunteers call potential voters, donors and supporters so that they can take action for a particular cause or movement. It allows volunteers to mobilize in a more comfortable environment (they can do it from home), and is faster than other canvassing methods such as door-to-door. Phone-banking software like Qomon allows you to organize the call lists for the volunteers, provide them with a script and a survey to conduct the conversation and organize an automatic follow-up after the call (SMS or email).

When we talk about "contacts", what are we talking about?

The number of contacts depends on the number of lines in your Qomon database. So if you import files (contacts, addresses), each line constitutes a contact. And if a citizen answers a survey even anonymously, he becomes a contact and is added to your database.

Is it possible to integrate with Wordpress?

Yes, through Zapier. find out more here

Can a political campaign software make me win?

Using a political campaign software or app will definitely help in your strategy and in the dynamic of your campaign, but only you (and your community of supporters) can work towards the victory. Political campaign software like Qomon helps you to structure your teams, grow your community, share your candidacy with voters and target actions (phone-banking, peer-to-peer relation organizing, door-to-door actions, or GOTV actions). This software will help you throughout the process & logistics, doing more with less and saving you time and resources.

What is the invitation code I am asked for on the application?

This is the invitation code needed to access Qomon. It is provided by your organization that subscribed to Qomon. Don't have a code yet? Ask your organization. Not on Qomon yet? Share them our project!

What is the price of a community organizing software?

It varies. In the case of Qomon, pricing differs based on the plan and the size of your people database. You can take a look here.

Be careful if you decide to choose free community software, you run the risk of your information not being protected. “If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold.” You may have come across this raw and hitting idea online. Using a professional and paid solution means that you are in control of your data, your community and your contacts (you own your data). Remember that if you pay for a service, the provider has no right over your data, unlike for a free one.

What is election micro-targeting software?

Election micro-targeting software is a sub-category of mapping software that allows you to use data to micro-target your actions, thereby optimizing your election campaigning efforts.

Election micro-targeting software allows you to:

- View electoral, demographic and socio-economic data in a cartographic format to optimize your campaigning efforts. This includes your door-to-door actions, mailings, emails, SMS, and even, in some countries, your online campaign.

- Use indicators and measuring tools to help you to target the most relevant polling stations. This allows you to build a digital organizing strategy that recognizes the territories that could swing the vote and make a significant difference.

- Define electoral strategies with the use of targeting software: the objective of micro-targeting software is to use the available public data while at the same time, using the organization's own data (electoral files, support files...) to make the most of the human and financial resources invested into a political campaign.

- It also allows you to have a strategy that evolves in line with the changing targets and needs of the campaign over time (mobilization on a particular subject, convincing operations with abstentionists, mobilization of the heart of its electorate...).

How do you create an engaging online petition?

Here are our tips for attracting people:

  • Don't see the petition as an end in itself but as a first step to engage in a cause;
  • Be direct and precise: titles and descriptions should be short and easy to understand. Get to the point!
  • Think about what the desired outcome is: what do you want to achieve with this petition? This will help engage your audience.
  • Spend time on wording to drive and motivate your readers to participate.  
  • Focus on issues that you believe in! Very local issues tend to be more attractive. Petitions don't have to change the whole world, they can simply drive change on a street corner.

At Qomon, we'll work with you every step of the way to create engaging petitions to help you get the most out of it!

How will using a field door-to-door app like Qomon make canvassing easier for you?

With our easy-to-use and intuitive mobile app, your volunteers will have all the materials and tools necessary to conduct their door-to-door operations at their finger-tips. Documents and roadmaps / walk lists can be accessed directly by your volunteers or team members invited on their app. Additionally, thanks to geolocation, you can manage your canvassing teams with greater ease by assigning them to different areas according to the criteria of your choosing, such as age, where they're located, etc. Volunteers can then input the data they collect directly into their mobile apps- data collection moves seamlessly and instantaneously from the field directly through the mobile app to you- the possibility of losing information is entirely eliminated! The application will also manage any issues that must be tackled in relation to door-to-door operations: come back later, reporting an erroneous address, access codes, etc.

Is the add-on Insights© available in my country?

Insights© is available in selected countries and the list is ever evolving. Contact our team for more info. 

How can I win an election?

To win an election, you need preparation and a formal strategy that will respond to the problems of your targeted territory. You must go and meet the voters in person who can potentially become future supporters. In order to do this, you'll have to train and organize your volunteers who will represent your candidacy in the field. Use Qomon at each step of the process to save time, unlock the potential of your team and prepare for your GOTV efforts with a powerful app & software.

Why should I use a political campaign software?

To manage your party, campaign or mandate on different levels:

- Keeping a voter file and all voter information sorted by center of interest, level of support, localisation

- Keeping your voter interaction system actionnable at any moment

- Organizing your actions online and all the field to keep people engaged and mobilize new voters

- Communicate easily and empower your team of volunteers

- Organize your GOTV action with an app (phone banking, door-to-door messaging etc.)

- Take decisions based on data

- And even controlling your local chapters from a centralized HQ

How can a political CRM help an elected official?

The political CRM operates as a constituency management system for you as an elected official. It allows you to:

- Record every contact with each citizen over time (meetings, emails, mail, tasks etc.) and follow up on these

- Update contact information and keep this information up-to-date so no important information goes missing

- Have a file which is GDPR or privacy laws compliant

- Communicate in a targeted and personalized way by email or SMS and keep people engaged

In the case of Qomon, our CRM allows you to:

- Manage duplicates between the voter files and your own contact lists

- Know where your contacts are located so you can carry out targeted communications and actions

- Have tools to practice permanent campaigning, such as the survey and petition features

- Take the information with you while you are on the go thanks to our mobile app

To learn more → article

In which language, would you be able to help me?

We speak English, French, Spanish but with google translate you can (almost) speak every language. No worries. :-)

What makes Qomon different than traditional consultation tools?

Traditional consultation tools are platforms that allow you to reach engaged and digitized people. Qomon adds a in-person dimension to consultation by going out to find people where they are: you can not only share the surveys online, integrate them into your sites, and share them as a link, but also address them in real life on the ground thanks to our mobile consultation app. The populations reached through the "go to" approaches are more representative of the overall population, and allow you to overcome the divisions that exist between the defenders and the opponents of the projects carried out by the communities/organizations.

-Through the Qomon mobile app, the collection of responses gathered from surveys is acquired in real time. Local authorities and organizations can thus analyze the results of the consultation as it progresses through personalized dashboards and cross the 2 logics: online and field. Qomon also allows you to manage the post-consultation period by setting up automatic emails and SMS to keep participants informed of the progress of the projects. These communications can be made in a targeted and personalized way according to the different responses and answers to the survey questions.

- Prior to the consultation, Qomon and its software can also target priority areas for consultation through more than 1 Billion demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle data points (health, housing, distance to services...). This accentuates the representativeness of the consultation and allows policies to be conducted as close as possible to the expectations of the populations affected.

Is it possible to integrate with Brevo, Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc?


Can field reporting tools work even without a mobile network connection?

Not all field reporting tools have the same mobile network performance; Qomon's mobile app (which is available on both IOS and Android) is one of the best performing applications on the market as it works in low network areas such as in stairwells, rural areas, and any other region in which internet/network connectivity might be limited.

How can big data help with your political campaign?

The term 'Big Data' refers to any piece of large-scale data that has been produced permanently, or acquired online or in the field. In politics, Big Data can come from several different sources. This includes "Open Data," (which refers to any data that comes from statistical institutes or local authorities), electoral list / voter files available to individuals running for elected office in some countries, files you own yourself, consultations, etc...There are many advantages to using Big Data, including:

- Big Data helps you to gain a better understanding of the electorate (identification of voting factors, electoral trends, vote reserves...)

- It also allows you to implement your campaign strategy with greater ease, thereby facilitating the accurate targeting of voters and the provision of more personalized messages to your contacts.

- Big Data also allows you to cut certain costs (Big Data is cheaper, for example, than polling institutes). To use "Big Data", it is necessary to use a political CRM (Citizen Relationship Manager) and territorial intelligence platform in order to take advantage of both your own data (contacts who have given their consent, mobilization files, electoral list, voter file) and the plethora of public data available (electoral, demographic, socioeconomic...). This type of platform allows you to divide up the electoral file according to your chosen criteria (such as place of residence, age groups, etc.) and to cross-reference this with all available mapping data in order to micro-target at the polling station level. Your mobilization actions (door-to-door, boxing, phoning...) and communications (SMS, emails, direct mail...) can then be optimized and ultra-personalized. This will ensure that they have the largest possible impact during your political campaign or with your supporters.

Can I change my plan anytime?

You can change your plan at any time depending on your needs! You can go from Starter to Premium or for Premium to Starter etc. If you downgrade your plan, the downgrade will be effective at the anniversary date of your current subscription.

How can the Qomon mobile app help me with my canvassing actions?

The Qomon app provides many useful features that will help your teams or your volunteers to communicate more fluidly with you and with the wider volunteer team. This includes:

- The ability to log your availability and confirm which actions you'll be taking part in - the ability to coordinate with other volunteers to better organize your canvassing routes and make the most of your time

- The use of a digital reporting system which allows you to log all information received from each exchange with each citizen (such as contact details, answers to the survey questions, etc.)

- The use of a digital recording system in which you can log any problems encountered while canvassing, tasks to be completed and additional comments made in order to achieve optimal management of your contact database

- The use of a digital HQ  from which all material documents, links and briefs necessary for door-knocking can be accessed

Can I translate the app into my language?

Yes, you can translate the mobile app to make your community feel as engaged as possible in your language. For the moment the mobile app exists in English, Slovak, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. Please ask our team for more information.

Is the mobile app accessible?

Yes, at Qomon we have a mobile app that has an accessibility mode for visually impaired people.

What makes a field reporting system effective?

The efficiency of a field reporting system comes down to a number of different factors:

- The ease of use of the tool: an effective reporting system must be easy for field team members to use, regardless of their age or level of comfort with digital tools. It must also be capable of accurately collecting all responses received, while also being intuitive and designed with accessibility in mind. An effective reporting system must also be capable of performing well in outdoor conditions.

- Ease of interactivity between the administrative teams and the field: an effective field reporting system must allow for data collected to be received in real time in order to optimize the work of field agents, volunteers or activists. The admin team must be able to communicate easily with the field through the use of push notifications, and must also be capable of sharing documents and briefs with the field agents.

- Quality of support-team responsiveness: a tool without support isn't worth investing in! The administrative and field teams must be able to count on a responsive support system, and in case of doubt, have a contact person or an account manager who is on hand to rectify any technical difficulties encountered while in the field. This will ensure that field operations-such as door-to-door canvassing-are fluid, efficient and productive.

Is it safe? Who can see my data?

Protecting your organization data is one of our highest priorities.
Using Qomon, you have your own dedicated space for your organization.
As an admin, you are the only one able to see all the edits & deletion of your data and to invite other users to see your info.
Saying that, Qomon has in place technical & organisational measures to keep your data safe & secure.
We have also feature such as "2FA" you can activate to increase the protection of your data. 

I won the elections, should I keep using a political campaign software for my mandate?

First, congratulations! The hard work starts now! During these last few months, you have met hundreds if not thousands of citizens and voters and collected as much contact information as possible. You must now continue to communicate and build a relationship for the long-term. Using a political software during your mandate will help you to organize, collect and record your exchanges with citizens while continuing to consult and communicate with your community (emails, SMS, petitions, surveys, etc.). This is what we call permanent campaigning or forever campaigning.

What is an NGO CRM?

An NGO CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that operates to manage activists and various other actors in connection with an NGO: donors, supporters, partners and elected officials. It allows you to organize teamwork to grow your contacts system, to communicate in a targeted way by email or SMS, and to follow the relationship and the engagement path of each contact.

What are the different features of the application?

You can deep dive into the features of the application in our features guide

Can I manage multiple spaces or local teams with the software?

Yes! You can manage your local teams or chapters with this type of digital organizing software. You can manage data, actions and communication at a local level, while centralizing information at a higher level. If you think this suits your case, see our Organization plan here.

How much time do I need to be up and running?

The platform is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. We have an extensive resources centre and a great and responsive support team is included in every plan. You can always opt for strategic support (more personalized support) or training to speed up your learning curve.

How can big data help my NGO?

Before answering the question, it's important to explain what exactly Big Data is: when we talk about Big Data, we are simply talking about large digital data that is difficult to process and analyze without the use of machines. It's a bit of a catch-all term, and to be honest, doesn't mean much. An NGO can ethically use Big Data to defend its cause in several different ways:

The first is to create their own data file: day-to-day, an NGO and its teams or volunteers are in contact with innumerable data. This is especially so given the bread of contact-sources connected with an NGO, such as its network of volunteers, its field work, its online and field advocacy. Because of this, it is important to firstly centralize all this data in a regulatory manner and as centrally as possible. This database is a real asset for the organization and will enable the NGO to increase its impact while saving valuable time and money.

Indeed, the objective of any NGO is to have the greatest possible impact while being as cost and time efficient as possible. Consolidating data does exactly that- not only does it allow volunteer teams to save time, but it also opens them up to new possibilities in terms of recognising potential donors and supporters, while also allowing for more targeted actions to be organized. Big Data helps NGOs to clearly see and understand the commitment path required in order to transform an occasional volunteer into a regular donor, a field volunteer into a regular volunteer, etc. Forget about mass communication-building loyalty costs 8 times less than acquiring new donors!

The second way is to use the data available online and in OpenData to improve your understanding of the profiles, the targets and contacts associated with an NGO. In the context of an action, this kind of data allows you to target the audience your NGO is trying to reach for its mission, or to analyze the profiles of existing donors or beneficiaries so that you can better understand where to organize the next actions.

Is it possible to integrate with Salesforce for Nonprofit?

Yes, via Zapier. Find out more here

What is the purpose of public consultation?

Organizing public consultations allows citizens to give their opinion and to make their contribution to a particular project. Often, public consultations are initiated by companies, by a community, or by governmental organizations in order to draw awareness to a particular campaign and to provide an opportunity for those who rarely participate to have their say and share their opinions. There are consultations that take place through online devices, and others that rely on field technology and meet citizens. In this second case, the public consultation is based on surveys and a mobile app that field agents use to collect and analyze information.The results of the public consultation allow companies and local authorities to modify their policies according to the responses recorded. This provides a better understanding of the stakeholders involved and their concerns and interests.

Am I guided throughout the full duration of my subscription?

Yes, we will never leave you alone! Joking apart, you have an account manager that will guide you throughout the full duration of your subscritpion.

How do I get supporters for my petition?

The best thing to do is to use human contact to get signatures. You can therefore share your petitions with your direct community (volunteers, supporters, activists). In turn, they’ll distribute it to their networks. Another underestimated channel is to have a petition signed directly on the field canvassing or during a stroll. This is extremely effective!

What are the advantages of a door-knocking app?

The advantages of a door-knocking app are numerous:

- A door-to-door app modernizes the relationship between volunteers and the citizen; by guaranteeing an effective feedback-recording system through the use of qualified survey answers, reminder tasks and automatic emails of gratitude, an informal exchange between volunteer and citizen is transformed into a far more sophisticated method of data-collection. This ensures that the opinions, contributions and requests of citizens are meaningfully considered.

- A door-to-door app or door-knocking software improves the work of canvassing teams in a number of different ways, such as by generating optimized canvassing maps and walk lists, providing a space in which volunteers can indicate their availability for different actions, facilitating the coordination of volunteer teams, and providing volunteers with instantaneous access to information on the citizens they have met previously when files are pre-loaded (such as the electoral list / voter file).

- A door-to-door app (available on IOS as well as Android) is particularly beneficial to the action organizers as it guarantees real-time feedback, allows for the tracking of each team's performance in the field, simplifies communication through the use of push notifications and material sharing. It provides a panel of other features which will assist in optimizing actions and targeting priority areas.

What is an add-on?

Add-ons are additional Qomon tools that you can add to your platform and current subscription if you need them: such as bulk-emails, Insights©, SMS credit. 

What is the best way to manage my actions with my volunteers?

You can choose to manage them with paper/pencil or a spreadsheet. However, it's a waste of time to manually gather each volunteer's availability, to send information, and to follow up and report. The best method of doing this is to use a volunteer management platform, which allows you to know the availability of your volunteers, while making them more independent by allowing them to inform you of the actions they wish to participate in. A volunteer management system also allows you to give all the necessary information to the volunteers ahead of D-day and to establish, if necessary, a reporting system.

Are the prices displayed in US dollars?

Yes, it's is US dollars. 

I am a small organisation, is Qomon for me?

Yes, it's never too early to start structuring and organizing; but it is - all too often - too late. We have basic plans at affordable prices, so there're really no excuses to start mobilizing!

How do you integrate with NationBuilder?

It's a two way integration for level of support, contact information, survey, tags & events. You can learn more by checking out this article

What is territory mapping software for politics or nonprofits?

Territory analysis software or terrritory mapping software is a platform that allows you to speedily understand a territory in great detail.

This kind of software allows you to access a plethora of data that will assist with your understanding of a territory on a hyper-local scale and in an objective, precise manner. Examples of the kinds of data you have access to include demographic, socio-economic, electoral, ecological, and all kind of data depending on your location. The data is then presented on graphs, tables and maps. This fine scale at which this information is presented (such as at the level of the neighborhood, the street or the polling station) allows you to gain an incredibly in depth understanding of your territory and better target your action.

Additionally, a territory mapping tool allows you to draw value and intelligence from this raw data by offering you ready-to-use indicators of evolutions, trends within a territory, comparisons and cross analysis tools that allow you to analyze a territory and its characteristics in depth. All of this is done with the aim of making the software user-friendly and simple, so that "data visualization" saves you time and increases your impact when you take action, whether that's as a company, an elected official, an electoral campaign or an NGO.

When do I have access to the platform after subscribing?

Between immediately and 48 hours depending on your add-ons!

How can I use community organizing software or software for political parties to structure my movement?

Whether you are a political party, a grassroots movement, a candidate for a political campaign, an NGO, an advocacy group or a business-to-public company, a community organizing software will provide a digital structure to your organization. Some of its advantages are: it serves as a structure between the local and the national level (or more globally between the different chapters of your movement); it improves communication between the field and the HQ; it decentralizes the action by providing tools at every level of your organization; it creates a system for reporting and centralizing information and data. Basically, community organizing software allows you to save time, build a movement faster through digital, and increase its impact by providing effective tools (software, mobile app, platform) to your community.

Do you have a resources or help center?

Yes. Here:

What is the most signed petition in history?

A petition that gathered 19M signatures in the US. Your turn to play now!

What is a citizen participation platform?

A citizen participation platform is an online platform that allows communities and companies to directly make citizens participate in their projects. The platform often takes the form of software and/or a mobile app which can be used to engage citizens both online and in the field. Online consultations use voting systems, suggestion boxes and participatory budgets, each of which allow for the opinions of citizens to be collected, and to be meaningfully considered. The field tools are particularly useful in allowing you to go door to door and to reach out to citizens who do not participate in the online consultations.

How does a field reporting app work?

A field reporting app or field reporting software has 3 types of features:

- The first kind are data collection features to collect data even in low network zone such as surveys, pictures, barcode, signature etc.

- The second kind are people management features to dispatch team on the field and share appropriate material to be able to lead their mission

- The third kind are real-time dashboards and mapping report features

Does the application work on tablet?

Yes, it is tablet optimized.

How to prepare my political campaign?

If you are hitting the ground for the first time or if you are trying to be re-elected, you should start your campaign as soon as possible to meet the maximum number of people in order to build your contact database, voters or not. Get the voter file, identify priority areas, get your volunteers in-the-field and organize your teams for GOTV operations.

What is a non-profit CRM?

A non-profit CRM is a tool that will help you manage the relationships with the different stakeholders within a nonprofit organization: activists, supporters, donors, supporters etc. It allows you to keep the stakeholders engaged, to send them regular communications by SMS or email, to organize documents and to make all the necessary information accessible to that you and your team so you can save time.

How to prepare your door-to-door operations?

At Qomon, we have prepared the ultimate door-to-door canvassing guide where you will find the best tips and tricks to prepare and manage your volunteers during your field operations and improve your engagement for the canvassing actions.

Does Qomon use personal data for other purposes?

No. You are the owner of the data imported or entered on the platform. We have no rights to this personal data, we are only there to process and organize it for you. On the other hand, you can export them at any time.

How can I use a digital organizing app to manage volunteers?

Using digital organizing platform will increase your impact and improve your collective efficiency. Create personalized actions on the platform (phone-banking actions, GOTV, door-to-door, peer-to-peer, event, community soup, etc.), invite volunteers and teams, send them notifications and take action!

How to conduct a door-to-door operation?

At Qomon, we have prepared the ultimate door-to-door canvassing guide in which you will find all the tips and tricks you need to help you prepare and manage your volunteers during door-to-door field operations.

What are the benefits of targeting for your actions?

Targeting allows you, as an NGO, a political movement, an electoral campaign, a community or an organization to:

- Optimize your two most important resources: your volunteers and your time (targeting allows you, for example, to mobilize your volunteers or your agents in areas where you have the greatest chance of being effective

- Remember that no matter what the purpose of your action is, whether it is to raise awareness on a public policy, to GOTV with an app, to recruit donors, etc. the key to mobilization is always effectiveness)

- Save financial resources (by identifying your target audience and investing in them only, such as buying advertising space on sites your audience are likely to frequent. In this way, you'll be making the best use of your financial resources )

- Build a strategy adapted to the audience you are trying to target as an NGO, political movement or community. This will serve to maximize the impact of your operation (if you launch an operation on families, for example, you might as well target the concerned households directly)

- Adopt a rationalized, data-driven approach within your organization which will ultimately serve to professionalize your practices

How does the Qomon Private API work?

The Qomon Private API is an option that comes with the Organization & Enterprise plan. It allows you to use our technology on your systems (e.g. PAP, phoning) or to use the API to connect Qomon to our own systems.

Door-to-door definition

The term "door-to-door" was coined in the marketing industry in reference to salesmen. In a political or nonprofit setting, it is a method of fieldwork consisting of visiting people to present a political campaign, raise awareness for a social cause, collect donations or GOTV (Get out the vote). Depending on the country, we can also use the terms "canvassing" or "door-knocking". Traditionally, door-to-door operations were managed with pen and paper but these days, most of it is done using mobile apps that increase efficiency of canvassing operation.

What integrations are available?

There are more than 5000+ integrations, including via our connection with zapier.

What is an online petition site?

A petition is a form of collective written request, which calls on public authorities to take action on a specific social problem. There are several online petition sites that allow volunteers, community leaders, elected officials, and campaign managers to centralize all the petitions created, to follow their progress and results, and to manage relationships with petition supporters.

What is a political CRM?

A political CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a technology that handles all the supporters, activists, volunteers, petition signers, citizens, voters, donors or constituents' contacts. It allows long-term relationships to be built, data to be collected, and interactions linked with key stakeholders to be logged. The term "customer" is not quite accurate in this case, since a CRM allows you to follow the relationships of all the stakeholders at every level of an organization. It is useful for every stage of a campaign: the pre-election period and GOTV actions, the election day and the mandate.

Does Qomon provide the data?

Yes, in some countries we provide territorial data: electoral data, lifestyles, transport, standard of living, public services, etc. This is the case in  Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Belgium, France for example. But also for many other countries. To find out if these features are available in your country, contact us!

What is a community organizing software?

A community organizing tool or community management platform allows you to manage your communities with ease!  A community organizing solution will provide you with the tools to send and receive communication (with a bottom-up approach / grassroots approach), send material to the community so they can act & reach their network, create actions, and assess your impact. Sometimes (such as with Qomon), community organizing software comes with a mobile app for your community on the go / on the field.

Why should I use a political campaign management software?

There are many reasons why you should use a political campaign management software or political campaign app:

- It will bring structure and organization to your political campaign

- It helps to simplify different tasks and campaign logistics that, without digitalization, would be complicated to tackle

- It allows you to make a meaningful impact during your Get out the Vote (GOTV) campaign and on election day

- It helps you to communicate with voters and manage your volunteers with a clean database

- It allows you to optimize and target both your digital and in-the-field actions thanks to data and electoral mapping

What is a field reporting system?

A field reporting system or app or software allows you to collect data from your teams while they're acting in the field, and to better manage the information recorded to ensure your database is properly qualified. It also allows you to monitor actions in the field, organize data collection through surveys and walklists, make certain documents and material available for the field agent, and manage teams and their availability. Other functions of a field reporting system include the ability to analyze in real time the results reported through personalized and customizable dashboards and the ability to monitor the progress of field actions, the performance of teams and your overall field operations.