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The Qomon Giveback

Society is on the move, businesses too.
More and more corporate organisations understand how important it is to get in touch with citizens, get involved with local communities, and also mobilise their own employees.
So, with Qomon, we've started equipping private companies. 

But when we do, we want to stay aligned with our core mission:
Allow nonprofits organisations and individuals access advanced tools to move their cause forward

So, we’ve designed the Qomon Giveback Program.
A push for the better to give back to nonprofits every time we work with private companies. 

In concrete terms, we donate 5% of the revenues generated through our corporate clients to causes and their volunteers who are involved on a daily basis.

Because these donations exist thanks to our corporates clients, each year we involve their employees in the process of choosing the causes receiving the giveback.

You are an NGO or cause? Wanna apply to the giveback program? 
Contact us