“For the first time, I feel like campaigning and going door to door!” - Margaux
“Qomon eases the communication with teams and volunteers.” - Guillem

Spark collective action

With Qomon, your nonprofit can easily collaborate with volunteers, efficiently manage field actions, and reach a new audience of supporters, donors, and activists.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Focus on action

Eliminate your multiple excel files and forms. Qomon simplifies data management and logistics, increase engagement within your community of supporters, donors and volunteers, and centralize all the info.

Your community is your best asset ‍

Your most powerful asset is right in front of you: your community! Equip your volunteers with simple, action-oriented tools. Our app is designed to help them act and report super easily, you’re just in their pocket.

Mobilize effectively 

Combine an online and grassroots approach; organize your actions and communication across multiple different channels, customize your messages according to the support level of each contact, and turn your new supporters into donors and your donors into advocates for your Nonprofit!

How a Nonprofit use Qomon?

1.  Organize your teams and local chapters 

Invite users of your organization, assign them to teams and chapters giving them roles and levels of access. Enable effective and meaningful action and collaboration by providing a centralized platform for assignments, availability, and resources.

2. Centralize your data‍

Have your data in one single place. Organize your data using tags, support levels, and any other segmentations or just use use Connect: our network integrations to connect your existing systems.

3. Communicate directly with your target audience

Use our filter system to target your communications with your potential and existing supporters and donors through personalized phone calls, emails, SMS, direct mailing, or targeted canvassing / field actions.

4. Manage actions both online and in the field 

Manage your team’s actions and get real-time reporting, track their progress. Easily see how much is left to do, or how much a specific team or individual has done.

5. Increase awareness about your cause

Create petitions, surveys and share online forms to engage people around your cause, increase your base of supporters, and turn them into advocates for your cause. 

6. Get real-time reporting

Get real-time reporting through our dashboards and mapping features. Visualize and quantify your organization’s impact in just a few clicks as it happens.

7. Analyze your donors and supporters profiles

Use our Insights© feature to take a deep dive into the profile of your supporters, contacts and donors. Tailor your next actions to increase efficiency of your resources. 

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The key features for businesses

Mobile App

IOS and android compatible, the app is your HQ: personal profile, materials and documents, actions, walklists, availability and so much more.

Action CRM

Manage data, geolocate and centralize your contacts from a variety of different sources. Communicate in just a few clicks and automate your tasks.


Organize, door-to-door, challenges, events, sharing, peer-to-peer actions, phone-banking and track the impact of your actions.

Team Management

Organize your organization by creating teams for different regions, types of actions, or however way makes sense to you. Teams allows you to easily assign tasks, actions, or provide updates through push notifications.

Reporting and Insights©

Get reports in real time. By activating the Insights© feature, you can delve deeper into the profiles of your supporters, contacts, and donors. Armed with this knowledge, you can optimize your outreach strategy and make more informed decisions.

Sub-Spaces & Central Space

Create independent spaces and chapters for your teams managed from a single account

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October 21, 2021

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