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"Our contact database has grown exponentially, 89% per quarter, since we started using Qomon. Alongside our volunteers, we’ve been able to build stronger relationships with our supporters with these digital tools, which has been vital for our movement."

Political Party, Romania

"Qomon's user-friendly interface, innovative features, and collaborative tools are a beneficial tool for GND Rising in their goal of facilitating a dynamic and engaged community."

"Perfect for organizing the digital conversations we were having with our voters."

Allen Coliban
Allen Coliban
Brașov Mayor, Romania

"Real & accountable results thanks to Qomon. And that’s a game changer! Something we never had in our fingertips so far”

Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins
Soul / Black Lives Matter, USA

Available and passionate

“An effective tool to structure the movement & empower our volunteers. The difference: an available and passionate support team!”

Karima B.
Karima B.
Consultant for NGOs

Qomon helps us pilot our public awareness campaigns.

We reach people that usually don’t get involved.

Pascal Nicolle
Pascal Nicolle
La Suite Dans les Idées (la SDI) France

"I really believe in your product"

"For a campaign where I would have needed 2 or 3 tools, Qomon gathers everything needed in one."

“Thank you Qomon! For the first time I felt like campaigning and going door to door in my neighbourhood”

Margaux V.
Margaux V.
Volunteer in France

“Qomon eases the communication with teams and volunteers. For the HQ, setting up field operations has never been so easy. And in the field, everyone could use it with some basic instructions.”

“Qomon is both an easy-to-use and an effective tool. It works even for small teams or for people not comfortable using technology. By centralizing our data and helping us build a personalized relationship with our communities, it quickly became a great asset.”

Intuitive & easy

“Everyone found the app intuitive and easy. We were able to coordinate a huge and well organized first step towards Election Day.”

Travis Fong
Travis Fong
Ashley Salvador Campaigns, Canada

“Very suitable for our local campaign, this tool allows us to avoid duplicates and to save the contact details of a contact met during our markets and other field actions”

"The product is incredible, easy to use and upgraded our campaign from using paper lists into an easy to use mobile app."

Matthew D.
Matthew D.
Campaign Manager, Canada

Qomon is really a wonderful application. As defined by our team “Every activist’s dream”.

Juan Sebastián
Juan Sebastián

“Qomon is a powerful tool transforming the way we are campaigning. It’s a comprehensive tool, making engagement easier for our volunteers and organization smarter for the headquarter”

A great company and good people.

"The entire team was great. Everyone was so helpful. The Qomon team was fantastic in helping me understand how big my task really was (I was completely naive about the complexity) and in working through a project of that size. I felt like they became friends. Anyway, a great company and good people."

Bill Smith for Congress
Bill Smith for Congress

Our experience with Qomon is amazing.

"The app is critical to our organization and I can't say enough good things about the customer support for questions and assistance."

Campaign Manager, North America

Qomon helps us in building our digital infrastructure to empower our local leaders, but also when centralizing our data.

"This platform is super. You can tell that it was created with the users and volunteers in mind. The SMS feature is incredible. We're really excited to be using this"

Consultant for NGOs and unions, Germany

"In one month using Qomon we obtained results equivalent to 8 months worth of work."

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