“An available and passionate support team!” - Karima
“Perfect for organizing conversations digitally and on the ground with citizens" - Allen

Make permanent democracy live

Maintain enduring connections with your constituents, respond to every request and never stop mobilizing and engaging the people of your territory with Qomon.

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Elected officials

Create your own fully-operational database

Keep track of all your interactions throughout your mandate. Centralize your files and work collectively with your colleagues both in the office and in the field thanks to the Qomon mobile application.

Permanent Democracy

Never stop consulting and engaging with people in your territory with surveys and petitions, answers will be linked to your contact database. Keep your supporters informed and analyze results in just a few clicks.

Stay in the public eye

Invite your constituents to your events and target your communications according to their location, interests or any other criteria of your choosing. Address them in just a few clicks via email, phone or SMS and build personal, attentive and enduring relationships.

How can elected officials use Qomon?

1. Centralize all your files  

Your database can now be deduplicated and segmented geographically, by level of support, or any other tag of your choosing. From there, any targeted email is just a few clicks away!

2. Log every interaction and follow up on every request

Record every interaction with ease and follow up on the request with the task feature so that no one is left without a response.

3. Keep the citizens of your territory engaged

Maintain real discussions with the people of your territory. Send them surveys or launch petitions with just a few clicks and keep them informed of your efforts- they are now part of your contact base.

4. Spread the word about your actions

Send targeted communications to your contact base. You’ve met a new supporter on the ground this morning? Record and keep track of this new contact thanks to the Qomon mobile app.

5. Switch to data-driven actions

Deepen your knowledge of your territory. Access to more than 9088 tags and 1.5 billion data with our Data & Profile extension. The perfect kit to tailor public policies, to better understand how your territories are evolving, and prepare for your next actions.

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November 24, 2022

Guide :

The Importance of Permanent Campaigning

Democracy & Politics

The term ‘permanent campaigning’ refers to the act of continuing to build support for your candidacy and strengthening your public reputation even after the election date has passed and the outcome has been determined.

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