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“Perfect for organizing conversations digitally and on the ground with citizens" - Allen

Make democracy live

Maintain enduring and active connections with your constituents, respond to every request and never stop mobilizing and engaging them with Qomon, more than just a simple CRM. 

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Elected officials

Create your own fully-operational database

Keep track of all your interactions in your constituency throughout your mandate. Centralize your files, contacts, meetings, letters, emails and work collectively with your team both in the office and in the field to respond to every request.

Organize your conversations with constituents

Never stop consulting and engaging with your constituents.  Use surveys and petitions you can launch in just a few clicks to gauge the public.  Keep your constituents informed and analyze results of your actions in real time.

Be accessible to your constituents

Invite your constituents to your events and target your communications according to their location, interests or any other criteria of your choosing. Address them easily in just a few clicks via email, phone, mail or SMS.

How can elected officials use Qomon?

1. Centralize all your files  

Have everything in one single place. With Qomon CRM, your can store all your contacts and segment your database geographically, by tags or any other factor of your choosing. 

2. Log every interaction and follow up on every request

Record every interaction with ease (letter, meeting, phone call, etc.) and follow up on requests with the task feature preventing items from falling through the cracks.

3. Keep your constituents engaged

Maintain real discussions with the people of your territory. Send them surveys or launch petitions with just a few clicks and keep your mandate dynamic, active and engaging.

4. Keep your constituents informed

Send targeted communications to your contact base. Not a global email but a targeted communication on your constituents neighbourhood or based on its interest.
You met a constituent on the ground this morning? Add them to your database through the Qomon mobile app to keep them updated.

5. Forever campaigning

Canvass, organize calling-lists in just a few clicks. Visualise the impact of your actions and the territory covered on the Qomon map. Democracy is not a just a static concept but requires continuous effort and engagement.

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The key features for businesses

Contact Management

Manage your files, geolocate and centralize your contacts from a variety of different sources. Import your contacts, manage duplicates and segment your database.

Interactions and Tasks

Record all interactions with your contacts: emails, letters, physical meetings, SMS, calls and follow-up on tasks with your teams.

Petitions, Consultation Survey and Forms

Create surveys, online forms, and petitions to keep your constituent engaged and grow your community.

Emails, SMS and Mailing

Send targeted communications (according to location, tags, level of support, etc.) by email, SMS or physical mailing thanks to our special mailing export.

Mobile App

Add contacts or requests from constituents, lead consultation surveys and add contacts when you are on the go. IOS and Android compatible. Low network mode.

Data and Mapping

Access mapping dashboard and run a data-driven mandate by using Qomon tools to cross-reference socio-economical data and identify where to target your next policy. * Accessible in selected countries

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