What makes us unique

Qomon offers powerful, action-focused technology to help individuals, organizations & their teams move their cause forward with advanced tools and support.

A platform and mobile app that are intuitive, easy and fun to use. Rated 4.9/5 by its users

A dedicated support team (made up of real people!) to help you succeed at every step of the way

An internationally recognized platform and application which is used in over 50 countries

A privacy laws - including GDPR - compliant solution to take back control of your data

The only end-to-end (or bottom-up) system that create a direct line between the HQ and the field

An enduring platform that grows as your organization grows with the help of a suite of 3 features: contact management, organizing, and data

An ever evolving platform to always stay innovative

A system that can be seamlessly integrated with your digital ecosystem thanks to Connect, our network of integrations

A product that can adjust according to the scale of your organization. Whether you're on your own or already well organized, it's never too late (or too early) to get digitally equipped!

A certified B-Corp company, the label recognizing positive social impact and environmental performance

Carbon neutral & secured servers
to store your data