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Door-to-door canvassing is the best way to mobilize and reach new people. It has the best transformation rate compared (1/14) to phone calls (1/38), emails or social media (1/100,000)*. So, let's get ready to hit the ground!


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Open door rate
Reach better open rates by canvassing evenings and weekends!
Knock group size
Consider forming group of canvassers for safety reasons, at least 2 person per group would be the best!
Time per door
Plan 15 minutes for deep canvassing and 3 minutes for traditional canvassing.
Time between each door
This will override the rural/urban selector at the top of the calculator
People per home
2 people per home in average
Expected success rate
Success rate is calculated as the number of people convinced over the number of conversations and people reached you've had
Canvassers' Availability
Availability is set per canvasser
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*Data taken from the famous "Field Experiments: Design, Analysis, and Interpretation" from Alan S. Gerber and Donald P. Green published in 2012.
1/14 transformation rate on door-to-door canvassing, 1/38 for phone calls, 1/100 000 for leafleting, mails, and emails.
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