5 tools to help you run your movement, campaign or NGO

In this article, we have gathered some tools to help you gain some time, save your resources, effectively communicate and mobilise a big movement!

Mar Cáceres
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5 tools to help you run your movement, campaign or NGO

More and more citizen movements are arising and with that, more and more people are getting involved! These great initiatives sometimes need a little boost and it’s not always easy coming up with the right tools to answer your needs.

Therefore, we’ve gathered 5 tools to help you gain some time, save your resources and mobilize a big movement!

These are websites, platforms, softwares, apps which aim to make the life of campaigners, political parties, NGOs, unions and even corporations easier. So, if you’re running for an election, wanting to mobilise people at scale either as a  nonprofit, campaign or citizen driven company, you’re reading the right article.  

1. Manage the mass communication of your contacts with Callhub

Callhub is the most powerful call center software that integrates with your CRM. Used by organizations such as American Red Cross or Amnesty International it includes features such as Political Phone Banking, Robocalls, Peer to peer texting, and Text Broadcasting Software.

Products are centered around three pillars: Call Center Software, Voice Broadcasting and SMS Marketing Software (which includes phone numbers and emails collection or follow-up texts personalization, among others). With the existing possibility to connect their platform with tools that you may be already using in different campaigns.

2. Manage your social media planning with Buffer

If you are running for a campaign or an NGO, you’ll need to be visible on social media, so you’ll need Buffer! Why? Because it’s 2021.

With Buffer, you’ll be able to manage your social media and plan your communications. It helps you improve your overall visibility and reach not only your inner circle but also journalists, other medias, and citizens.

More than a planner, Buffer also helps you analyze and engage on social media. It’s an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that will change the way you interact with your community to allow you to create long-lasting relationships.

3. Build an engaging website with NationBuilder

NationBuilder will help you build and manage your community through your website. With them, you will be able to easily follow all traffic passing through and to gather information to know where and how to act.

They help you create an action oriented website for acquisition and engagement to change your ways of mobilising and accomplish your goals. They also provide advanced communication tools to send targeted communications, and fundraising tools to raise micro donations. So if you’re running for something, check them out!

In addition, they have an integration with Qomon! You can learn more about this bundle by clicking here.

4. Manage your contacts on a proper database with Citipo

Citipo, as Nationbuilder, helps you create and build your campaign website in a few steps. However, their main intention is to help you clean and improve your regular contact database.

They accompany you in every step: acquire new contacts, onboard them into your community, mobilize and finally measure precisely which actions are the most effective in order to repeat them.

5. Handle your contacts, organise your community digitally and on the field with Qomon

Qomon is the digital mobilisation platform and mobile app that powers hundreds of organisations (political movements, unions, campaigns, nonprofits) across the globe including La République en Marche in France or Black Lives Matter in Chicago. With Qomon you’ll be able to power up your teams and mobilise on the field!

Organise peer-to-peer, canvassing or calling actions with Qomon and harness the power of your communities. Our tool is comprehensive, friendly and easy-to-use but gathers powerful features for your headquarters. We adapt to your context and allow you to optimise your organisation on the field and manage your data. Never lose information again, always know what’s your next step and keep you organisation moving.

These five tools, whether you use them together or separately, will definitely help you mobilise and get where you want to go. Together, let’s achieve goals, keep moving forward and take your mouvement to the next level!

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