How to outsmart your opposition?

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Florent Barre
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How to outsmart your opposition?

Let’s discuss with Tanya Watkins, from the Black Lives Matter movement, how, they and Soul Chicago, used digital tools to face opponents.

Everyone should have the tools they need to mobilise their supporters

— no matter where you are in the world. That’s why we worked with Tanya. She’s part of the broader Black Lives Matter movement, this Chicago-based organisation is fighting for racial and economic justice in the United States. Qomon in action helped them to widely mobilise.

Their mission: provide aid to low-income people of colour in the Chicago Southland, then empower them to fight for their own liberation.

Chicago representative (S.O.U.L.’s Executive Director) Tanya Watkins told us over a couple of pints, how she got into activism and what she has learned from her own experience as a field organiser.

The Fight for the Future

As a resident of the Chicago suburbs, Tanya has witnessed firsthand the social and economical problems facing the people of her community. She worked in public office but soon realised that there were other ways to bring about change. Before long, she got involved in community organising.

For Tanya, the fight is as political as it is personal. She described her desire for her daughter to grow up in a better world. In the interview, she told us:

“It is my responsibility as her mother — it is my responsibility as a good neighbour to fight to create the world as I see it… The world as it should be.”

Be as smart as your opponents

The community organisers at S.O.U.L. know that you can’t build a movement overnight.

It takes discipline, strategy and, most importantly, professional tools to make change happen.

As Tanya puts it, you have to “be as smart as the opposition.” For her organisation, it’s important to define clear solutions in order to reach the people they want to reach — which is not always easy for marginalised communities.

The Qomon in action difference

According to Tanya, Qomon could be a game-changer for the grassroots movement.

By putting the organisers and volunteers’ needs first, Qomon in action can help them capture data, target their strategies and ultimately spark more meaningful conversations.

Watch the full interview below:

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