Qomon vs eCanvasser

Qomon's Unique Appeal

While eCanvasser serves as a general canvassing organization hub, Qomon exceeds this.

Qomon enables you to create surveys, communicate with contacts directly through the platform and harness the power of a highly customizable, detailed map feature.

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One centralized & synchronized mobile app and platform
Integrated and reliable
User-friendly, quick-to-use & compatible with large volumes of data
18 available services +add-ons


2 different apps
Leads to inefficiency & confusion
Limited data storage per account and spread between platforms
12 available services

Want to switch? Our team will handle the data transfer for you.

Discover Qomon Core Features

Citizen Relationship Manager
Automatic emails & SMS
Collaborative Management
Keep track of every interaction
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Map all your data
Define high-priority zones
Contact Geolocation & Turf cutting
Discover Insight©
Create and distribute custom surveys,
petitions and forms
Real-time sync from the field
Send push and email notifications
directly from the app with ease
Low network mode to canvass everywhere
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Connect Qomon with over 5000 tools and Open API
Save time & energy with Zapier integration
Build a full 360° ecosystem with tools like NationBuilder
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Behind the Scenes

At Qomon, we recognize the value of innovation, which is why we continuously strive to introduce new, innovative features to support your organization as effectively as possible.

We created Qomon with you in mind.
This means we’ve examined the platform from all angles to ensure it offers all the features needed for mobilizing something big.

4.7 Star User Satisfaction

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