How Green New Deal Rising Manages their Volunteers

At the heart of Green New Deal (GND) Rising's success lies its ability to mobilize a diverse and passionate group of volunteers. The movement employs several strategies to attract and engage individuals who share a commitment to building a sustainable future.

Layla Fakhoury
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How Green New Deal Rising Manages their Volunteers

In the ever-evolving landscape of global challenges, grassroots movements play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our planet. Among these movements, GND Rising has emerged as a powerful force dedicated to addressing environmental and social issues through the lens of the Green New Deal (GND). This ambitious initiative relies heavily on passionate volunteers to succeed in their mission.

GND Rising draws its inspiration from the Green New Deal, a comprehensive policy framework that aims to combat climate change while simultaneously addressing economic inequality.

GND Rising takes these principles to the grassroots level, recognizing the importance of community-driven efforts in achieving meaningful change. Their volunteers, young people from all across the U.K., come together through GND Rising’s successful acquisition and management tactics.

STEP 1: Recruiting

GND begins by utilizing social media and email lists to attract potential volunteers.

They initially focus on crafting compelling messages that highlight the organization's mission and impact over specific policy changes or tactics. GND has found that by so doing, prospects are more attracted to the organization and motivated to participate.

GND then organizes a welcome funnel to gather interested individuals. This includes inviting prospective volunteers to a welcome call held every four weeks.

STEP 2: Organizing a Welcome Call

Call Structure:

GND structures the welcome call to introduce the organization's DNA, values, and ongoing movements. At the end of the call, they encourage participants to commit to the next actionable step.


This term refers to large events which activate volunteers and supporters to step up and convene actions. GND is influenced by this tactic and organizes their call similar to a traditional barnstorm, ideally leading to large groups of enthusiastic and engaged volunteers.

Cultural Emphasis:

During the call, GND begins by emphasizing the movements’ culture rather than their strategy. They have found that once people understand the culture and ethos of the movement, good strategy will follow.

Avoid Guilt Spiral:

Teams from GND follow up with prospects within 24 hours to avoid a guilt spiral from those who forget to check in after the welcome call. They provide positive reinforcement and clear next steps for prospects.

STEP 3: Onboarding and Local Actions

Onboarding Process:

During onboarding, GND assigns a group of volunteers to support newcomers and guide them through the next steps.

These teams aim help them complete their first actions and get signed up on all necessary platforms/group channels. For GND, constantly experimenting with the onboarding processes is vital, adapting based on feedback and outcomes.

For organizations like GND, onboarding can be made easier with platforms like Qomon. Benefit comes from tools such as member badges, team creation, personal resource hubs and streamlined communication between teams.

Transition to Networking:

Once volunteers are in, GND begins to shift from social media/email based recruiting to networking-based recruiting by encouraging newly signed-up volunteers to bring friends and family to events.

Within Qomon, GND aims to leverage personal connections through the Peer2Peer and email features. As they continue to grow, this will help increase engagement and strengthen communication across the organization.

Real-Life Actions:

The main goal for GND is to encourage participation in local groups and real-life events. They use local actions as an opportunity to further engage and connect with volunteers.

STEP 4: Organizing Volunteers on the Field

Empower Local Leaders:

GND volunteer leaders are encouraged to organize their own events with the Qomon Mobile app. This allows for a decentralization of power and the opportunity for local teams to build their own local movement.

In conjunction with The Snowflake Model, this hopes to create strong, local branches for volunteers to participate in.

Motivate Volunteers with Incentives:

With Qomon’s data dashboard, GND intends to create challenges and between local teams. This creates fun incentives and a way to connect and create conversations across the movement.

Tracking also allows organizers to modify tactics as needed to ensure the most successful results.

Keep your Teams Informed:

GND has utilized their personal resource hub within Qomon to upload important materials for their volunteers.

These include documents outlining the movement's goals, talking points and scripts designed for volunteers in the field.

It's evident that technology, when harnessed thoughtfully, can be a force multiplier for grassroots movements. Through a variety of tools and strategies, GND Rising works to not only optimize its organizational efficiency but  created a space where volunteers feel empowered, informed, and connected.

Qomon's user-friendly interface, innovative features, and collaborative tools are a beneficial tool for GND Rising in their goal of facilitating a dynamic and engaged community.

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