Qomon Product Updates ✨ June 2021

Hello everyone! Just in time for the summer, plenty of new features on your Qomon app! So what’s new on Qomon? Check out the updates & news from June.

Hendrik Giesecke
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Qomon Product Updates ✨ June 2021

The web platform

• Write to your members

You want to reach your members easily and fast? You can now send a notification from your Qomon space!

They will receive your message directly on their app (push notification) and on their email inbox.

Learn more about notifications

write communicate messages sms qomon platform web

Export 2.0

This was one of the most requested features in Qomon!

You can now choose which columns you want to export. Don’t spend time filtering the info you need, your export is ready to be used!

export files qomon platform web

You want to send direct mail to your contacts? Use our new direct mail feature: your export will be ready to use in your favorite spreadsheet software. More than one person at the same address? No problem, we thought this through! All of your contacts with the same family name and address will be merge into one line, with the correct title (Mr. and Mrs. for example).

export files qomon web platform xlsx csv

We added a new format to our export : xlsx! Open directly your file in Excel without conversion.

Learn more about export 2.0

The mobile app

• Reminder notifications

One of the key to good mobilisation is good organisation. Never miss an information with our new set of notifications.

Your teams will be notified a few hours before their action starts, when you add a new document etc …

Learn more about reminders

notifications mobile app qomon

Did you enjoy the new features? We would love to hear your feedback, you inspire us.

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