"We reach people that usually don’t get involved.” - Pascal
“Useful and provides real-time reports on our progress.” - Julie

Put citizens and stakeholders at the heart of your projects

Mobilize citizens, employees and all stakeholders involved in your projects with an efficient and specialized engagement tool.

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Build your key projects (urban planning, energy, transport, mediation, waste etc) sustainably by including all concerned stakeholders. Connect with citizens and stakeholders to identify and understand their concerns. Involve your employees, develop community trust and adapt your projects to achieve your consultation objectives.

A people oriented approach

Nothing compares to engaging with citizens and stakeholders in person. Evaluate their sentiment about your project and build a long-term relationship to make each citizen an informed and supportive participant in your efforts. Consult and innovate with stakeholders to intensify your impact.

Consult effectively 

The logistics behind your consultation, organizing and outreach operations can be costly and time-consuming. With Qomon, rely on a strong partner to implement your projects: reduce the time, costs and resources required.

How do businesses use Qomon?

1.  Involve your teams & create a network of ambassadors

Invite your employees to Qomon. Create teams and communicate with them. Share your actions, walklists and all the materials necessary to enable your teams to be the representatives of your local projects.

2. Consult, mobilize and engage both online and in the field 

Whether you meet stakeholders online or in the field, you can organize all your efforts from a single platform and create surveys, event registration online forms, petitions.

3. Improved operations thanks to real-time reporting 

Save time with real-time reporting and readily available data on the progress of your action, your coverage of the territory, and the engagement of your teams. Analyze the responses provided to your surveys, audience by audience, zone by zone, in just a few clicks.

4. Build long-term relationships

Build enduring relationships, keeping your community informed and engage them on an on-going basis.

5. Go further with your analysis ‍

With our Data features, access millions of Datapoints to better understand a territory and make data driven decisions. By using Insights©, understand the profiles of your survey respondents and meet your inclusion goals. 

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The key features for businesses

Online & in the Field Surveys

Create online surveys, integrate them into your website, share them on your social media and distribute them to your people in the field with the Qomon App.

Contact Database

Centralize all your data and contacts into a segmented, centralized and easy to manage database for communication and follow-up by email or SMS.

Mobile App

Get a mobile app for IOS and Android to add contacts, interview citizens, and gather petition signatures in the field. Easy to use even for those without any experience using mobile apps!


Automate your tasks and save time by creating automatic emails or SMS and receive daily or weekly automatic reports via email.

Dashboard and Profiles

Track survey responses and progress in real-time with interactive dashboards and mapping. Go even further by studying the profiles of your survey respondents and define your priority zones thanks to our Insights© feature.

Privacy Laws Compliance

Choose a privacy law compliant solution. Activate the double opt-in or indicate that a person cannot be contacted or added to your database. View the information related to consent (channel, data, etc.)

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