Qomon Product Updates ✨ January 2024

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all the best for the coming year! More action, more engagement, more passion. Starting the year with panache and new great features designed for you: new roles with Custom Permissions, a more engaging and collaborative Materials hub and much more.

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Qomon Product Updates ✨ January 2024

To kickstart the year with a glow, it's time to discover all the new features available on Qomon, both on the Web and Mobile App!

A new roles and permissions management directly available from your settings, an upgraded 'Materials' hub to boost the collaboration within your teams, unlimited custom fields to empower your contact database, and experience our new WordPress plugin to organically grow your supporter base with your forms.

Let’s go!

New Roles with Custom Permissions to Adapt Qomon to your Organization

You can now edit permissions, rename roles, and create custom roles for your users to fully adapt Qomon to your team's organization.

To find out more about the new roles, check our article in the help center.

Haven't personalized your roles yet? Check it out now! If you are an administrator, go to Space Settings > Role Management.

💡This feature is only available for Premium plans and above.

A More Engaging and Collaborative Materials Hub

Explore the upgraded Materials Hub.

Now, you can categorize your materials and documents with tags, enhance them with cover images, and generate sharing links to either spread your materials widely or just integrate them into your website.

Discover these features in the Materials section. Upload posters, social media covers, videos, talking points, collaborative documents, and more on the Mobile App and Web Platform! Experience this new feature by simply adding a new document to your space. 

Unlimited Custom Fields, Wordpress Plugin & Improved Import Feature

See what our teams have prepared for you:

Unlimited custom fields: Need a specific field in your contact database? While this was possible before, it's now UNLIMITED (as many fields as you want!). You can also add them to your Qomon forms in just a few clicks. Find more info here

- New WordPress plugin: Do you have a WordPress website? Use our dedicated plugin to seamlessly integrate your Qomon forms on WordPress and automatically qualify your Qomon base. To install the plugin, follow the instructions here.

- Auto-match column in import feature: The import funnel has been improved, thanks in particular (but not exclusively!) to the automatic matching of columns while importing data.

AI isn't the only thing that can make your life easier! 

Connect & Automate More with New Zapier Triggers

Do you want to send an email directly after submitting a form or signing a petition? How about receiving a Slack or Telegram notification for each contact mobilized by your team? Perhaps you want to synchronise a lead collected on Facebook with the Qomon Database?

(Re)discover our integration with Zapier, which connects Qomon to over 6,000 other systems. It's available directly on Qomon from the Space Settings - if you have the necessary rights. 

To explore the endless possibilities, click here.

We have many new updates and surprises arriving in the weeks to come, stay tuned!

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions! 😊

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