How to Recruit and Reach New Volunteers with Qomon?

Discover how Qomon is being used in Venezuela to recruit volunteers and prepare for the upcoming presidential elections.

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How to Recruit and Reach New Volunteers with Qomon?

The Use Case


Organization: Political movement

Location: Venezuela

Cause: Change the political leadership of the country

Scale of use: National level

Main Goal: Recruit volunteers and Mobilize voters before the election

Favorite features: Contact forms, field & online survey, mobile app, analytics

The Context

Vente Venezuela is a classic liberal party in Venezuela. Founded ten years ago by María Corina Machado, they stand for individual freedom, market freedom and equality before the law. 

Vente Venezuela advocates for economic change and improvement for the population, where the monthly salary is currently below $30 and 74% of the population live in extreme poverty. 

While they were facing some challenges in preparing for the upcoming elections, they decided to digitize their organization and mobilization to obtain results as fast as possible. 

The Challenge

The biggest challenge: abstention. In the last elections, only 28% of eligible voters in Venezuela voted, leaving 72% mistrustful of the current government and hopeless that their vote will change anything. 

The objective is to mobilize people as fast and as efficiently as possible. There is an existing risk that the current government will move elections forward, giving Vente Venezuela less time to campaign. Hence the need to boost their campaign and rhythm by going digital. 

The Quote

Right now, the party uses Qomon as a political campaign software to prepare for the upcoming national elections. After weeks of using Qomon, they believe Qomon is really enhancing their efforts and putting them on the right track to get their big ideas out. 

“You don’t win an election with will, or by being nice, even if you have great ideas they won't work if you are not well organized and planified. That is where Qomon comes in.”

The Key Features

“I like the fact that I can go to a random street, meet a random person and through the mobile app gather information about them and follow up on the person.”

Since the current main goal of the party is to recruit volunteers and to push the electorate to vote, they are especially interested in the mobile app, forms and survey feature and how they can spontaneously build contacts by taking out their phones, adding contact information into the political CRM during an exchange and keeping them connected and informed for the duration of the campaign. 

The Key Results

"After only one month of using Qomon, we were able to triple our support base - something that would have otherwise taken us 8 months"

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