Why Use a Door Knocking App for your Movement?

As elections become grander every season, it is becoming hard for political groups to keep up. To gain the upper hand over your competitors, one of the means is building trust with voters through using door knocking apps.

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Why Use a Door Knocking App for your Movement?

What is a Door Knocking App?

The term “door knocking” was coined in the marketing industry in reference to door-to-door salesmen. In a political setting, it is better known as “canvassing” or “door-to-door”. Depending on the country, a term will be used over the others. It refers to the practice of sending a candidate’s supporters to the voters’ homes. It is a way for the volunteers to interact with people in person, explain the candidate’s stance and to ask about the voters’ inclinations. With the additional possibility of seeing real-time feedback and reactions.

Traditionally, all of this was managed with pen and paper. People in the campaign HQ kept records known as canvass sheets orreading pads: lists of households that volunteers had to visit on location.Today, most of it is done using mobile apps called door knocking or door to door apps.

Why is Door Knocking Important?

The main purpose of door knocking is to find out the public opinion. Most canvassers follow a script of questions almost like a survey. Each volunteer covers the part of the map assigned to them. They figure out what issues the voters are facing and if the candidate’s message resonates with them. Using the information at the moment, the direction of the campaign can be tailored accordingly.

The objectives of door knocking are usually as follows.

·      Publicize the candidate.

·      Identify supporters and persuade those on the fence.

·      Register voters and get out the vote (GOTV).

·      Update the information you already have about voters.

·      Increase grassroots funding.

The Benefits of a Door Knocking App

A door knocking or door to door app can take your campaign to the next level. It usually offers a variety of useful features that are sure to benefit the GOTV or canvassing struggle.

1.    Voter Relationship Management (VRM)

Their image among the voters can make or break a candidate’s game plan. A Voter Relationship Manager can analyze data from surveys and polls and help your team figure out what the majority of people look for in their ideal candidate, which can give you guidance as to how to tailor your campaign, thereby helping you to canvass more effectively to gain more voters.

2.    Map Segmentation

To reach as many voters as possible, canvassers have to cover a large area. Using the field organizing options, you can break up the map and assign each segment to a particular team. This way, you can cover the ground more effectively.

3.    Issue Tracking

Being a public representative is all about solving the people’s issues. The canvassing app looks through the voters’ complaints and ranks them based on frequency and urgency. It assigns them to the volunteers so that they can be resolved.

4.    Management of Contacts

The bigger the election, the larger the voter base. The sheer number of contacts that need to be reached can overwhelm your door knocking team. The app can help you organize them into meaningful categories, making it easier to target their specific needs.

5.    Feedback to the HQ

A campaign without a forum for voter feedback is doomed to fail. Thanks to door knocking apps, this is not an issue. Real-time updates, feedback forms, and automatic data input ensure that the voices of both the volunteers and the voters are heard.

6.    Scripts and Survey

Volunteers often request citizens to fill in surveys or ask scripted questions. They are designed specifically to check a voter's political views. Most door to door mobile apps allow you to not only distribute these resources but also edit them if needed.

7.    Location Tracking

The team at the HQ needs a variety of info at the moment. For this purpose, they often track the volunteers. The app’s geo-tracking software makes this possible. This is an efficient way to manage the volunteers and gauge their progress.

From all this, it readily becomes apparent that a door knocking app will prove to be one of the biggest assets to your political group. Without it, you are risking not only failure but also falling out of touch with your target audience. We advise you to try out Qomon and see if it works for you!

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