Qomon Product Updates ✨ Summer 2021

With the launch of our new name, we took the chance to release plenty of new features on our platform and the app. New design, a better looking action page or even the long awaited xlsx import... Check out what's new on Qomon!

Lucie Moulin
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Qomon Product Updates ✨  Summer 2021

The mobile app

Redesigned action page on mobile

To help you be more efficient, we rethought our action page and added more features.
- Important info is larger and easier to find
- Access your admin’s details by a tap on its picture
- Let your admin know if you can’t make it
- Check the leftover contacts to call

Notify again your members

Sometimes, members forget to let you know if they will join the action or not.
In this case, you can renotify the one who have not responded yet. Our system will send them a notification on their phone and by email.

Manual merge

Qomon didn’t detect two duplicates? It can happen if the contact made a typo, for example.
You can now choose to merge two contacts.
Just select them in the contact database and click Merge

Import in .xlsx

You have dreamt about it? We made it!
Import your contacts directly from Excel without having to convert the file.
No more “;” or “,” separators!


Our new name came with a brand-new website. You will find our different plans and our users’ use cases. Plenty of new ideas to rethink the way you mobilise!

Let us know what you think about these new features, we love getting your feedback 💪

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