Qomon Product updates ✨ Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays! The Qomon platform & mobile app have only gotten stronger over the last weeks. So let’s take a quick look at all we’ve done.

Lucie Moulin
2 min read
Qomon Product updates ✨ Holidays 2021

The new contact database

We have redesigned the contact database. It is now clearer and more intuitive. 

Pick the columns you want to display, manage your duplicates, filter your database and more !

In order to keep as much space as possible for the information to be displayed, the map view remains accessible via the button at the top right.

The database is easier to use and let you see the information that you need

Filter on a calling action 

To create calling actions, you can now target contacts by a geographical turf while adding filters: status, tag or territory.

Only target the contact you really need to address and focus your team effort.

Filter only the contact you need to target

The new calling list  

We have redesigned the calling list on the mobile application. Participants can now easily access their lists of contacts to call, but also consult the lists of other participants to help them.

The contact form

The new contact form has been redesigned so that you can access all the information within seconds. Change the status, address or add a task to your contacts. Review their history or survey responses.

Enhance your map

See where your volunteers live so that you can assign them local actions.

Locate the contacts you have already met or those who are not yet convinced. 

Display the areas already covered by your actions to prepare the next ones!

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