Organizing your Movement around Data to Lead Efficient Field Operations

Qomon stories are a series of use cases, testimonies and experiences illustrated by Qomon users. Discover how Will Garcia uses Qomon for his field operations and managing the data he needs to take action.

Hendrik Giesecke
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Organizing your Movement around Data to Lead Efficient Field Operations

The Use Case

Organization: Will Garcia for Adrian’s Mayor

Location: Adrian, Michigan, USA

Cause: Political campaign 

Scale of use: city of Adrian, in Michigan's 7th congressional district

Main Goal: Organize a People-Powered Campaign

Favorite features: Team organizing & Data accessibility

Learn more about Will Garcia

William Garcia is a democratic candidate born and raised in Adrian, who decided to run for Mayor because he felt that his city’s government didn’t address issues such as poverty, homelessness, job insecurity, and environmental protection. 

Will also wanted to improve LGBTQ+ representation in politics and make history as the only LGBTQ+ Mayor of color in the entire state. 

The Context 

Candidates in the US will often use 3 or 4 different tools to help them organize and run their campaigns.

Will Garcia however was in search of a tool that could combine the different services he needed and was looking for more independence regarding his grassroots movement. He wanted to have full control over his field operations and his data in order to better reach his goals and objectives.

The Quote


One of the main thing that struck Will Garcia when using Qomon is “how easy it is to organize and manage your volunteers”. He explains that:

“The most important thing for a field operation is keeping your committed people engaged”.

And creating actions with Qomon was a way to do that. 


The Key Features

“The key features were the digital and field organizing for our canvassing actions and the data management for the political CRM. The possibility to cut turf and how well it worked for big apartments was a real game changer. And the way I could control and manage easily my import and export in your CRM was a massive time saver as well.“

Manage your contacts with Qomon CRM for politics

“Also the different integrations, especially with Zapier, proved to be really useful and valuable for us.” 

 Finally, when discussing the different solutions and softwares on the market today, Will Garcia was happy to have found one that responded to his criteria without having to restrict himself financially. 

When talking about using Qomon for his grassroots movement, Will Garcia told us:

“It’s important that there’s a tool that exists that is in reach.”

As one of its core missions, Qomon is committed to provide powerful tools accessible to anyone who wants to take action at every scale, so local organizations like Will’s get more people engaged and thrive with more impact.

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