Organize and improve your field reporting with Qomon

Qomon stories are a series of use cases, testimonies and experiences illustrated by Qomon users. Promévil is a social mediation association that uses Qomon to equip its mediators on a daily basis, to help them intervene in public spaces.

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Organize and improve your field reporting with Qomon

The Use Case

Organization: Promévil

Location: France

Cause : Social mediation

Scale of use: National level

Number of volunteers: over 50

Number of contacts enriched with the mobile app: over 25.000

Main goal: Measure the impact of their field actions 

Favorite feature: Survey, Team creation and volunteers management

The Context

Promévil is a social mediation association that uses Qomon to equip its mediators on a daily basis, to help them intervene in public spaces.

Social mediation is a profession that is used more and more. They define themselves as agents who work for public peace and social cohesion, in charge of handling conflicts through impartial and independent mediators.

The objective of their missions is to provide citizens with assistance and guidance in solving their daily issues. They also aim to ensure a reassuring and constant human presence for the citizens. 

The Challenge

Initially, Promévil works with agents of more than 80 different nationalities. Few feedbacks were organized, and keeping a handwritten form was not a feasible solution for the organization.

With a growing need for regular feedback from the field, Promévil wanted to equip the mediators with an easy-to-use, accessible and understandable solution, entirely digital. This solution is designed to make it easier for them to collect and analyze feedback.

The mediators, for their part, were waiting for a solution to save time when entering their daily feedback.

The Quote

During the interview, the mediators explained the importance of keeping track of their actions. This was possible thanks to the use of the survey and the management of their tasks on the web platform.

“Since we set up Qomon, we have been able to get regular and accurate feedback from the field.”

The Key Features

Promévil's main objective is to be able to measure the daily activity of its mediators, to report on what they have done, to record all this information, and finally to obtain enough data to be able to analyze it and extract some key conclusions

For this association, the survey has changed the way of analyzing the work done in the field thanks to the Qomon mobile app, they observe a clear improvement in the analysis of the collected data. 

While the mediators collect information in the field with the mobile app, the team leaders use the web platform to share instructions and organize the work days.

"The fact that it is a very guided survey, it allows us to increase the quality of our reportings."

For now, they use Qomon's platform and app in a rather analytical way. The survey feature allows them to track the feedback, collect data and analyze it. 

The Key Results

With over 40 volunteers using the mobile app and over 30,000 people met, using Qomon improves day-to-day tasks and makes the job easier for administrators in the long-term. 

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