Lead a massive consultation on the "State of Housing"

Qomon stories are a series of use cases, testimonies and experiences illustrated by Qomon users. Find out how the communication agency Voix Publique used Qomon for its operations to survey citizens about the state of housing.

Hendrik Giesecke
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Lead a massive consultation on the "State of Housing"

Find out how Qomon is used to reach people and conduct a massive consultation about the "State of Housing". 

Learn more about Voix Publique

Voix Publique helps government departments, local authorities, development actors and even some companies to implement effective and inclusive public consultation and mobilization campaigns in France, Spain and in Belgium. They propose "face-to-face" interactions; as close as possible to the public, in the street, door-to-door and in all places of conviviality in order to meet the public.  

The Challenge 

Carry out a major consultation on the State of Housing. 
Gather testimonials and data to be able to inform of the urgency of the landlord's action.
Also propose the public to leave their contact details (emails, phone) to be able to reach them and follow up after the consultation. 

Voix Publique door to door surveying Qomon

The Quote

"Qomon is so helpful to create a clear roadmap for the "messengers" who go to meet the public. Qomon's mobile app allows us to collect and analyze in real time the results of the consultation - and last but not least be able to follow up with the public thanks to te contact management features on the web".

Their Favorite Feature: real-time Reporting

The real-time reporting allows Voix Publique to measure its impact (and the impact of each messenger) and provide a live reporting to the final client.

Get instant results from your actions in Qomon's platform

The result with Qomon

A total response rate of 70% and a real action plan for the housing!

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