How USR used Qomon to Grow their Database

Disover how USR, a Romanian political party, is using Qomon for their campaign

Layla Fakhoury
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How USR used Qomon to Grow their Database

A Look into USR 

Canvassing plays a crucial role in any political campaign, allowing candidates and parties to connect directly with voters.

In the case of the young Romanian political party, USR (Uniunea Salvați România), utilizing an innovative platform such as Qomon allows them to begin their campaign with ease and as they wanted - from scratch. USR, formed in 2016 as a protest party against corruption, USR chose not to accept the voter files offered to them, and instead build their own contact base from the ground up.

They want to collect explicit consent as well as form personal relationships with their contacts/voters. They therefore need a platform to assist them in both their traditional door-to-door canvassing efforts as well as and digital communication strategies USR turned to Qomon, a powerful canvassing tool, to adapt to the changing landscape of political campaigning.

This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of modern canvassing strategies in the ever-evolving world of politics.

STEP 1: Map out your Canvassing Routes

Before the action, USR uses Qomon to map out canvassing routes based on the support levels of their contacts and relevant socio-economic, voter, and electoral data. This strategic approach allowed them to focus their efforts on high-priority zones.

STEP 2: Gather and Prep Volunteers

Qomon's mobile app provides volunteers with all the materials they need for canvassing, including surveys, walking lists, and action information. It enables USR to organize teams based on regions or actions and ensured volunteers were well-prepared. Within the app, they were also able to upload their own documents and scripts to share information about their missions and campaign goals with volunteers.

STEP 3: Track Participation

In the Qomon app, volunteers can easily log their availability and participation in canvassing actions. This data helps USR ensure they have enough people for each event and send push notifications to encourage volunteer participation.

STEP 4: Monitor in Real Time

During the canvassing action, USR can follow the progress in real-time. Information collected by volunteers using the Qomon app is instantly available on a personal Qomon dashboard, allowing for real-time updates and coverage tracking. This included data such as the number of doors visited, the status of supporters vs. donors vs. undecided, etc. and what areas USR needed to target the next time. 

STEP 5: Analyze Data

After each action, USR can analyze the data collected using Qomon's extensive data points. This allows them to track volunteer performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop a better understanding of their target audience. The data also worked as an incentive for teams and volunteers, as USR could highlight outstanding results or statistics from specific teams/individuals. 

STEP 6: Post-Action Communication

Qomon facilitates post-action communication with contacts collected by volunteers. Each contact met on this specific action is tagged and their level of support updated. USR can send follow-up emails or texts via the platform, maintaining engagement and building relationships with supporters. Even after the canvassing action was complete, volunteers could use the Qomon app for peer-to-peer messaging, mobilizing more people to support USR's cause.


With the right tools and the right organization, the USR manages to benefit fully from the strength of its volunteers. By leveraging Qomon's features for planning, tracking, analyzing data, and maintaining communication, USR successfully navigated the pandemic and achieved remarkable electoral success.

USR’s contact data has exponentially grown (89% steady growth per quarter) since beginning with Qomon. Their contact base is all digital; it's reliable, it’s qualified, and it’s actionable. Most importantly, it’s built on explicit consent and trust.

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