How to Win an Election Against All Odds?

Qomon stories are a series of use cases, testimonies and experiences illustrated by Qomon users. Discover how Qomon makes a difference in mobilizing voters in a rural district.

Hendrik Giesecke
3 min read
How to Win an Election Against All Odds?

Fredérique Meunier, an elected official since 2014 and new to the politics game, decided to run for a seat in the Assemblée Nationale (a.k.a. the lower house of the French Parliament).

The Use Case

Who: Fredérique Meunier

Location: France

Cause: Political movement

Scale of use: the district where she ran is home to 121 066 inhabitants

Main Goal: win election & then serve constituent

Favorite feature: Dynamic mapping feature

The Key Feature

Frédérique Meunier’s team uses Qomon’s strategic mapping feature to prioritize campaigning zones. Targeted on-the-ground volunteering did the rest. The CRM feature made the rest. 

Decide where to place your volunteers with Qomon data and mapping feature.

The Key Results

She ran in a constituency traditionally opposed to her stance and the odds were stacked against her. But she ended up winning the election by 25 votes (50.03%) after weeks of Qomon-enhanced campaigning, and considering 60 000 people voted. Frédérique Meunier still uses Qomon today to nurture her relationship with her constituents.

Since using Qomon, she has taken her place at seat 5 at the Assemblée Nationale!

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