Change habits, one citizen at a time

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Florent Barre
3 min read
Change habits,  one citizen at a time

Find out how the Voix Publique agency, a pioneer in "last mile and face-to-face citizen mobilisation" in France and Spain is equipping itself with Qomon. 

Learn more about Voix Publique

Voix Publique is a pioneer in "last mile and face-to-face citizen mobilisation"" in Europe. They help governments, local authorities, NGO, business-to-public companies to implement effective and inclusive public consultation and mobilisation campaigns. They propose "face-to-face" mobilisations; as close as possible to the public: in the street, door-to-door and where people are. 

The Challenge

The challenge: save the planet one citizen at a time and change recycling habits of 10,000 people in a neighbourhood.

The operation consists in proposing to people to equip their homes with Bio-bins in order to change their recycling habits, while making them aware of the need to commit to a new sorting gesture.

The Key Feature 

Their favourite feature: door-to-door on both mobile (or tablet) and on the web (admin panel). 
The second one: live reporting and map reporting

"This allow us to track absentees to make a 2nd or 3rd pass and make sure we really cover the neighbourhood."

Going door-to-door in your neighborhood with Qomon's mobile app.

The Results with Qomon

Approximately 70 households are visited in 1 day with an open door rate of 65%.

In addition, the engagement rate of the population consulted is being of around 75%.

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