Changing their recycling habits - Voix Publique

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Florent Barre
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Changing their recycling habits - Voix Publique

Find out how the Voix Publique agency, a pioneer in "last mile and face-to-face citizen mobilisation" in France, is equipping itself with Qomon for its operations to encourage people to change their recycling habits.

Who are they?

Voix Publique is a pioneering "last mile mobilisation" agency in France. It helps government departments, local authorities, development actors and even some companies to implement effective and inclusive public consultation and mobilisation campaigns. They propose "face-to-face" mobilisations; as close as possible to the public, in the street, door-to-door and in all places of passage and conviviality in order to meet the citizens and the public.  

The Challenge

The operation consisted in proposing to people to equip them (or not) with Bio-bins in order to change their recycling habits, while making them aware of the need to commit to a new sorting gesture.

Voix Publique & Qomon

"Qomon is useful to equip as many citizens as possible without forgetting any and while raising their awareness".

Their favourite feature 

Their favourite feature for this operation was the Tasks feature. This allowed them to track absentees to make a 2nd or 3rd pass.

This feature also allowed team leaders to follow up on shared actions instantly, making it easier to manage the teams.

Key Figures

Approximately 70 households are visited in 1 day with an open door rate of 65%. In addition, the engagement rate of the population consulted was 75%.

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