Mobilise to eliminate the gap between youth and politics in Benin

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Charles Keignart
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Mobilise to eliminate the gap between youth and politics in Benin

Find out how the organisation Vision Jeune use Qomon to build a movement promoting youth in politics in Benin. 

Who are they?

Vision Jeune is an organisation that aims to eliminate the gap between youth and politics in Benin. In order to increase the participation of young people in the political life of the country, they carry out mobilisation and awareness campaigns. To do so, they go out to meet young people, conduct surveys to understand their expectations and build local communities of young people willing to get involved in politics. 

The Challenge

Build a movement spread in 3 cities and provide team leaders & volunteers with a digital infrastructure to act. 

Vision Jeune & Qomon

Qomon helps us in building our digital infrastructure to empower our local leaders, but also structure and centralise our data.

Their favourite Features: Surveys & Mapping

Surveys and analysis features are their favorite cause it allows them to better understand what are youth's people expectations.
The dashboard to get a live feedback of what's happening in the field and in the local chapters. 

See in real-time what your volunteers are accomplishing in the field.

Key Results

Every month 8000 surveys and 4000 emails and telephone numbers collected.
With the data collected from the responses, they want to provide concrete solutions for the country.

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