Run a "contactless" campaign - USR

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Kaitlin Beach
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Run a "contactless" campaign - USR

A global pandemic changed their plans, but it didn’t stop this young Romanian political party from campaigning. “Since we could not go to the streets, we hit the phones”.

Take a look at how USR managed and organise their supporters and volunteers with the use of Qomon to achieve huge wins to the romanian general local elections.

Discover more about USR

Organisation: USR

Location: Romania

Cause: Political movement

Number of volunteers: over 1500

Scale of use: National and Subsidiaries abroad

Qomon Users: Headquarters, local subsidiaries and 1500+ volunteers

Main Goal: Gaining grounds through digital actions

Favorite feature: Calling action

Number of citizens reached: 52 000 in 10 weeks and still reaching citizens

mayor allen coliban qomon platform campaign
Allen Coliban (new mayor of the city of Brasov) and his team used Qomon to win national and local elections.

About USR

“USR was founded five years ago, mainly as a protest party against the corruption of the old political class. Following years of civic protests in the streets, the party was set up in 2016 and got 25% in local elections in Bucharest and 8.87% in the parliamentary elections of the same year.”

After some years of developing and forming new alliances with their partners from PLUS, USR was getting ready for the national elections of 2020 when the pandemic hit the country, the world and their plans: “2020 presented a very unexpected turn of events as we had to run two national campaigns during Covid19 lockdowns. This meant we had to switch from all direct contact with our voters (street activity, door to door, rallies) to digital contact.”

USR and Qomon

Qomon helped a lot in organizing the digital conversations we were having with our voters. It helped organize volunteers around the country and distribute the contact databases to volunteers for phonebank and digital canvassing activities.”

Favorite Qomon Action – The calling action

“We used the calling action a lot. Qomon gave us the possibility to transform all our volunteers from home in a big phone bank. Since we could not go to the streets, we hit the telephones. With Qomon it is very easy to allocate phone numbers to volunteers so they can call them from their own mobile phones.”

“Qomon allowed us to assign contacts to teams of volunteers, based on their location. Despite running a nation-wide campaign, with the use of Qomon we were able to address different local issues in different constituencies using a combination of local and national surveys.”

Results for USR

The pandemic put a stop on many everyday activities, but it didn’t stop elections from being held, and parties from spreading their messages. With the right tools and organization, USR managed to channel and direct their volunteers’ strength through social-distanced campaign methods, and obtain major results.

“Now we are part of the ruling coalition at national level, and governing the 2 major cities of the country, are the third largest party/alliance in the Romanian Parliament with 80 Members of Parliament, 8 Members of European Parliament, and have thousands of local representatives around the country.”

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