Raise public awareness around an industrial project

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Kaitlin Beach
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Raise public awareness around an industrial project

Part of Qomon users are corporates or movements willing to engage citizens around a project or consult citizens even the ones that usually don’t participate.

La suite dans les idées” organized a large public awareness campaign to consult and share ideas with citizens. They used Qomon as a tool to mobilise and to involve citizens that wouldn’t normally have come to their meetings or visited their platform.

“Qomon helps us pilot efficiently our campaign on the ground. It allows us to simply collect opinions and contributions to our project. We get in touch with people that usually don’t get involved. And your data is analyzed instantly.”

Pascal Nicolle, co-director of “La Suite Dans les Idées

Get the information you need

Taking citizens into account requires concrete conversations and meetings because they won’t go on your online participation platform by themselves. Therefore, for industrial projects, you have to find new ways to create contact in neighborhoods and to get people’s opinions.

“La Suite Dans Les Idées” piloted their mobilisation on the field and collected opinions and contributions about their project. They mostly used the optimized canvassing feature, and the instant survey analysis as it allowed them to efficiently organise their actions on the ground. They were able to get instant feedback from the ground, which was also a big plus for them. They kept track of information and evaluated the citizens’ opinions on their projects.

Thanks to concrete from-the-field data, “La suite dans les idées”, partnering with Promévil, put in place a real dialogue with citizens. They got local populations involved in concrete projects and were able to manage a real community of citizens!

About La suite dans les idées

La Suite dans les Idées” brings together public debates. They help local governments and corporates carry public consultation processes or public awareness campaigns.

The Qomon plus!

As part of our involvement as a B Corp company and to stay faithful with our nonprofit culture, Qomon launched in 2020 a giveback program. When Qomon equips Corporate project, 5% of the the subscription fee goes back to a charity!

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