Qomon Product Updates ✨ September 2022

New navigation menu, connect your mailbox to Qomon, log interactions with your contacts / supporters (notes, meetings, calls, sms, etc.), set up automatic SMS, door-to-door improvements... Discover our new features of September.

Aurélien Charrier
3 min read
Qomon Product Updates ✨ September 2022

Welcome back everyone!

Summer is gone but it left us with some new features on the Qomon web and mobile app!

Connect your email inbox to Qomon

Each member (supervisors and administrators) can now connect their email inbox (Gmail, Outlook, or any other system via the Imap protocol) to Qomon. To set it up, go to your profile or click here to learn more.

Connecting your email to Qomon allows you to :

- Centralize all email exchanges (and automatically!) right on your contact’s card in your CRM
- Collaborate better as a team by having all exchanges in one place
- Send emails directly from Qomon to your contacts using their registered email addresses

A little extra, the connection allows you to retrieve any email history with that contact + Choose if you want to share your email exchanges with everyone or keep them private.

Find all the emails exchanged with your contacts, directly from Qomon

Keep track of all your interactions

Keep track of all interactions with your contacts, voters, donors, and supporters by recording every letter, call, email, SMS, meeting or note.

Give your teams a complete and centralized view of all exchanges in order to best respond. You can even upload attachments when logging an exchange! 

Choose if you want a note to be seen by everyone or just administrators.

Register emails, meetings, calls, or notes about a contact.

“Come back later” and “Does not live here” features available on the mobile app

Your members can now select "Come back later" or "Does not live here" for contacts they meet when they go door-to-door canvassing. Go to a door-to-door action in your mobile app try them out!

Activate automatic SMS + Double opt-in / opt-out

In addition to automatic emails, you can now send automatic personalized SMS to all your contacts. You can also choose to enable double opt-in or opt-out options. 

Activate SMS & automatic SMS to communicate even more easily with your community

New retractable menu

Our new, more intuitive menu allows you to directly access your space parameters, imports & exports. You can also retract it to save space when you need it: on the map or on the CRM for example!

A new retractable menu is available on Qomon

We have many new updates and surprises arriving in the weeks to come: new Organization contact form, online petitions and online forms. 

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions! 😊

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