How to Calculate Your Win Number?

The importance of GOTV for any political campaign is evident. Find out how Qomon tools help you achieve your objectives in the GOTV operation!

Helen Sabatine
4 min read
How to Calculate Your Win Number?

So election day is around the corner and you’ve been working tirelessly for the past several months. Everything comes down to people coming out to vote. All of those supporters you met and people you convinced? You now have to make sure they get out and vote! Qomon analytics helps you do just that, Get out the Vote!

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Qomon's GOTV tools to help you monitor your win number progress in two steps.

1. Qomon and GOTV

What is GOTV?

GOTV is an effort that political campaigns harness to help increase voter turnout within their supporters.

What do I need to do?

Encourage your volunteers to acquire and mark the “Level of Support” for each contact that is made (be it from canvassing, phonebanking, flyer handout, surveys, anything!).

Your volunteers can do this directly on the Qomon app for each and every contact made through any of the actions (canvassing, phonebanking, surveys, etc…)!

You can also import your contact file(s) that already have this information to your Qomon space as well. That way, all of your contact information is consolidated in one place and you’ll be able to use Qomon’s powerful analytics to help you strategize.

For ways to GOTV more efficiently, visit this article.

2️. Find out what your win number is and don’t lose sight of it!

Calculating your Win Number

Your win number is exactly what it sounds like: the amount of votes you need to bring it home. Sometimes, a simple majority is all you need: 50% (of votes) + 1 = your win number.

To win by a comfortable margin, though, you’ll want to have a vote goal of 53%+1. Use the following formula to figure out your vote goal.

Step 1: Find the average turnout percentage of a certain district

Step 2: Multiply the average turnout percentage by the number of registered voters = expected turnout

Step 3: Expected turnout x 53% = vote goal

Right, now that you have your win number and vote goal, what’s next?

1️+2️ Combining GOTV indicators and Win Number

Remember how you indicated the level of support for each contact (hopefully)? On your Qomon contact database, you’ll be able see all contacts with their level of support registered. This will help you quantify your GOTV reach and see how many people you can count on. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see how it fares against your vote goal!

Qomon contact database

From here, prioritize voters that need more convincing and make sure to not forget your strong supporters.

Convinced? We are too! Good luck and Happy Election Season!

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