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Action CRM
to reach & engage people
Clean interface
Collaborative & Organizational tools
Data Privacy
Large volume of contacts
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to act and mobilize
Easy onboarding
Accessibility mode
Customizable app, surveys, etc.
All-in-one canvassing solution
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to analyze smarter
Dynamic mapping
Knowledge is power
Socio-economic & voters data
Profile Analysis tool
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to automate
Real-time sync
No more import / export
Task Automation
Private API
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Qomon integrates with 5000+ apps to help you maximise your impact

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How can you use Qomon today

Mobilize better now

Qomon helps you organize your cause and efficiently mobilize your team so you can build stronger relationships with constituents, supporters, donors, and volunteers. 

Taking action should be easy

Qomon is designed to remove barriers and obstacles so your team spends more meaningful time taking action for your cause and less time waiting around.

Unlock the power of your community

Your community and its members are your greatest asset. Empower them by equipping them with powerful, easy-to-use tools to unleash their true potential.

Increase your impact

Your time and resources should be spent shaking things up. Qomon combines the best of technology and data, making it work for you and your cause. 


Don't only take our word for it.

Qomon has been named the most recommended software in its category by Software Advice in 2022 and the “Best Ease of Use Solution” by Capterra. 

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"Perfect for organizing the digital conversations we were having with our voters."

Allen Coliban
Allen Coliban
Brașov Mayor, Romania

“In our advocacy campaigns or public awareness actions, Qomon is a precious help in organizing our teams, covering the territory with precision, and obtaining actionable and real-time reporting”

"Real & accountable results thanks to Qomon. And that’s a game changer! Something we never had in our fingertips so far”

Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins
Soul / Black Lives Matter, USA

Available and passionate

“An effective tool to structure the movement & empower our volunteers. The difference: an available and passionate support team!”

Karima B.
Karima B.
Consultant for NGOs

Qomon helps us pilot our public awareness campaigns.

We reach people that usually don’t get involved.

Pascal Nicolle
Pascal Nicolle
La Suite Dans les Idées (la SDI) France

"I really believe in your product"

"For a campaign where I would have needed 2 or 3 tools, Qomon gathers everything needed in one."

“Thank you Qomon! For the first time I felt like campaigning and going door to door in my neighbourhood”

Margaux V.
Margaux V.
Volunteer in France

“Qomon eases the communication with teams and volunteers. For the HQ, setting up field operations has never been so easy. And on the field, everyone could use it with some basic instructions.”

“Qomon is both an easy-to-use and an effective tool. It works even for small teams or for people not comfortable using technology. By centralizing our data and helping us build a personalized relationship with our communities, it quickly became a great asset.”

Intuitive & easy

“Everyone found the app intuitive and easy. We were able to coordinate a huge and well organized first step towards Election Day.”

Travis Fong
Travis Fong
Ashley Salvador Campaigns, Canada

“Very suitable for our local campaign, this tool allows us to avoid duplicates and to save the contact details of a contact met during our markets and other field actions”

"The product is incredible, easy to use and upgraded our campaign from using paper lists into an easy to use mobile app."

Matthew D.
Matthew D.
Campaign Manager, Canada

Qomon is really a wonderful application. As defined by our team “Every activist’s dream”.

Juan Sebastián
Juan Sebastián

“Qomon is a powerful tool transforming the way we are campaigning. It’s a comprehensive tool, making engagement easier for our volunteers and organization smarter for the headquarter”

Qomon helps us in building our digital infrastructure to empower our local leaders, but also when centralizing our data.

I want Qomon to

Why Qomon ?

Spend more time on important things

Today we have less time, money and people to do more complex work. Unlock efficiency to focus on what really matters: your actions.

Empower your teams

Your people & volunteers are the best to act and spread your ideas. Bypass redundant systems and invest in better tools to unleash the power of your communities.

Prepare for the future of engagement

Let's rethink the way you interact with communities & citizens. Add more real time interaction, more agility with a digital tool and meet people's new expectations.

Do more with less

Digitally transform your actions to improve efficiency and reach more people. Your time is precious. Spend it acting, not on logistics!