“An effective tool to structure the movement & empower our volunteers.” - Karima
“Real & accountable results thanks to Qomon.” - Tanya

Fuel your movement for impact

Structure your organization from the bottom-up. 
Help your movement grow by making every volunteer an ambassador.

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Let your volunteers make a difference

Your community members are the best people to spread your message, raise donations and take action both online and in the field. Equip them with intuitive and inspiring tools, so they can take action beside you anytime, anywhere.

Decentralize action, centralize information

Create the infrastructure that suits you. Build local chapters and networks to organize your movement from the base up. Access real-time feedback from these actions in your administrator space.

Take back control on your data

To build your movement, you need ideas, logistics and… data. Your contact database is automatically updated with your local actions, turn them into a supporter, donor, or even a fan!

How can a movement use Qomon?

1. Equip your local chapters

Create up to 100+ local chapters for one central space. With predefined roles at each level, your teams can now be truly autonomous.

2. Create actions & engage your supporters

Carry out actions both online and in the field: events, phone-banking, petitions, door-to-door and much more. Involve your volunteers easily with our digital HQ.

3. Centralize and spread the word

Centralize all the contacts from your local chapters in a central, organized and segmented database. With Qomon, monitor all your local actions from a unique dashboard, enjoy this beautiful 360° view.

4. Foster communications to activate your volunteers

Create meaningful universe of communications: target geographically, by level of support, by tags, by action etc.
And then, pick the most effective channel to communicate : Emails, SMS, calls or direct mail

5. Analyze your impact

Track the impact of your actions with our dashboard and mapping features. To go further, deep dive in your territory data and use our "ProfileScanner" feature to better understand your data. Target your next actions, optimize your resources, get a bigger impact.

6. Grow organically

Share all the surveys, petitions and forms you’ve created with your supporters, record and strengthen their connection to your cause. Encourage advocacy among them: they can share your campaigns in just a click to their own networks.

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October 21, 2021

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January 17, 2023

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Local community activism is increasingly becoming the basis for many major political and economic movements, thereby serving to dismantle the common misconception that change is possible only from the top-down. This is known as ‘grassroots activism’. 

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