Raising awareness of new ways of sorting waste (and getting people to take action) - Voix Publique

Discover how they use Qomon to raise efficiently public awareness #corporate #advocacy

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Raising awareness of new ways of sorting waste (and getting people to take action) - Voix Publique

Find out how the Voix Publique agency, a pioneer in "last mile and face-to-face citizen mobilisation" in France, is equipping itself with Qomon for its operations to inform and raise awareness of the new waste sorting instructions in one of France's largest cities.

Learn more about Voix Publique

Voix Publique is a pioneering "last mile mobilisation" agency in France. It helps government departments, local authorities, development actors and even some companies to implement effective and inclusive public consultation and mobilisation campaigns. They propose "face-to-face" mobilisations; as close as possible to the public, in the street, door-to-door and in all places of passage and conviviality in order to meet the citizens and the public.  

The Challenge 

A major challenge: to increase the proportion of recycled waste and recycling practices in one of the largest French cities. To do this, the sorting instructions were extended and citizens had to be involved in these new recycling practices; to inform them where they are: at home! This is a major challenge which - if not optimised - can be very long and costly. 

Voix Publique & Qomon 

According to Charlotte, head of Voix Publique, Qomon is particularly useful in three areas during these operations: 

  • Pre-operational logistics: the messengers have the roadmap directly on their phones, which saves time in preparing and launching the mission. 
  • During the operation: Data collection is simple and instantaneous from the field on a smartphone or tablet. It is possible to automatically send additional information from the smartphone to citizens who request it; this transforms the relationship. 
  • After the operation: Processing the data after the operation and drawing up analysis reports is simple. You can also see the evolution of the operation directly on the map in real time. 

Their favourite feature: geolocation

The geolocation feature is their favourite! 

“We can have a precise identification of the address. We know exactly where to knock, and we don't have to come back to the same places twice, it's a huge time saver" according to Charlotte. 
voix publique porte a porte

The results with Qomon

- A Voix Publique messenger (volunteer) opens about a 100 doors per day 

- 10,000 households visited in 10 days with 10 messengers 

- 35%: the rate of door opening during a visit 

- 75%: the rate of commitment to new sorting habits a few months after the operation 

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